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  • Søren 2

    From function to expression: Melli Bank in Tehran, Iran by Jørn Utzon

    Completed in 1962, this Tehran bank is an inadvertently neglected masterwork

  • 146

    The anatomy of Wright’s aesthetic: inseparable from universal principles of form

    The kindergarten was of a much more radical significance for Wright – it provided him with a philosophy and design discipline to realise his architecture

  • Manplan_Pearly_King

    Manplan: Frustration

    ‘I’m not saying that architects are responsible for the mess we’re in, but I think we’ve got to accept a large measure of responsibility for the environmental crisis’ 

  • New_Hall_Cambridge_INDEX

    New Hall in Cambridge by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon

    [Archive] Ferro ciomento domes and exposed brick and concrete create a striking series of spaces

  • Mg 8750

    Archive: Berlin Philharmonie by Hans Scharoun

    From the AR March 1964: as a radical reconceptualisation of the concert hall, the Berlin Philharmonie explored new concepts of space through a vividly Expressionist narrative that still retains its power

  • Image 3

    ‘The pier provides a point of integration between townscape and seascape’

    Clevedon pier’s simplicity and straightforward approach sum up the whole environment of the town

  • 1963_Feb_Pg_122_964

    Bank Headquarters in Buenos Aires by Clorindo Testa

    Archive: the winning proposal broke away from the accepted pattern of bank design and made no concession to the conservatism of commercial architecture in Argentina

  • 1961_Sept_Pg_173_964

    Church at Atlantida, Uruguay, by Eladio Dieste

    Archive: Dieste’s undulating brick walls were originally published in the AR in September 1961

  • 4

    1961 April: Amancio Guedes, ‘Architect Of Lourenço Marques’

    For the past ten years a Lisbon-born architect, Amancio d’Alpoim Guedes, has been practising in Lourenço Marques, the capital of Mozambique, producing work both original and idiosyncratic to which no attention has been given by the outside world

  • AR 1963 February - Architects' Own House, Tisbury, Wiltshire Pages 1 and 2

    1963 February: Architects’ Own House (Tisbury, Wiltshire, UK)

    Alison and Peter Smithson research sustainable methods and material consciousness in the design process.

  • Index2

    South Bank, London

    Townscape: this townscape study explores the opportunity to build a new West End on South Bank while giving London the real waterfront it has been missing for the last 200 years

  • AR_1966_February___Diss__Norfolk_Townscape_Study_pages_1_and_2

    Diss, Norfolk

    Townscape: horseshoed around its mere, Diss is dominated by its church tower. Nothing should be allowed to upset this balance. Inside the town, the remarkable sequence from St. Nicholas’s Street to the Market Place, which falls through a series of squares, is unique

  • AR_1964_August___The_Townscape_of_Tourism_pages_1_and_2

    The Townscape of tourism

    Stratford on Avon, centre of the British tourist industry and in the news with the Shakespeare quatercentenary celebrations, is the subject of this month’s townscape study. It has a lot to look at that is good, a lot that is bad, and plenty that is just ordinary

  • AR_1967_November___In_The_Townscape_page_1

    In the Townscape

    Townscape: when new housing is being planned, or old housing being redeveloped, weaving it into the townscape is as important - socially, visually and functionally - as the design of the houses themselves. This article discusses Britain’s recent failure to achieve this and the opportunities for doing so that still exist. It goes on to analyse, by comparing old and modem examples, the proper relationships between housing and the fabric of the town

  • Index

    A Latin quarter for London

    Townscape: the danger is that in all the controversy over a new site for Covent Garden fruit and vegetable market, Covent Garden itself, as a place, may be forgotten. If this happens, its special character could well be erased at one stroke by wholesale redevelopment. The nature of this character and the need to reinforce it in any new building are discussed below

  • AR_1968_December___Townscape_Faversham___Chipping_Norton_page_1

    Faversham & Chipping Norton

    This townscape study analyses how councils’ inability to understand a town’s basic structures can sometimes result in insentitive road proposals that could inevitably harm their general character

  • AR_1968_April___Townscape_Eyes_on_Tenterden_pages_1_and_2

    Eyes On Tenderden

    [ARCHIVE] A recent report published by the Kent County Council entitled Tenterden Explored is particularly relevant in view of the present York conference on historic towns and cities. Every delegate should study this sensitive evaluation of a town’s architectural and townscape qualities, for it sets a high standard for a local authority publication and is an eye-opener in the truest sense

  • AR_1961_December___Park_Hill_Housing_pages_1_and_2

    December 1961: Reyner Banham on Park Hill

    Reyner Banham reports on one of the most imaginative and advanced community-building gestures of its day

  • 404_and_405.jpg

    1964 June: Chandigarh, The Assembly

    The third of Le Corbusier’s major buildings on the capitol at Chandigarh - The Assembly - is discussed in this article by Charles Correa, the Indian architect who practiced in Bombay

  • AR 1964 April - James Stirling's Engineering Building, Leicester University

    Engineering Building at Leicester University by Stirling and Gowan

    John Jacobus examines the Leicester Engineering Building, completed in 1963

  • index

    Engineering Building at Leicester University by Stirling and Gowan

    John Jacobus examines the Leicester Engineering Building, completed in 1963