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Manon Mollard

Manon Mollard is the Editor of The Architectural Review.

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  • German children playing with valueless marks 1923 hyperinflation gettyimages folio architectural review

    Editorial: the price of everything, the value of nothingSubscription

    28 August, 2019

    The September issue of the AR looks at the topic of money in all its permutations, both glittering and dirty, investigates its relationship to architecture and explores the idea of degrowth as it gains wider traction

  • Aranya bv doshi 3642

    Revisit: Aranya low-cost housing, Indore, Balkrishna DoshiSubscription

    14 August, 2019

    Doshi’s ideas on housing the poor culminated in 80 model homes in Aranya where residents felt empowered by the opportunity to improvise

  • Option 2 for web mp stitched axo april high res tc

    Editorial: palaces for peopleSubscription

    17 July, 2019

    Combining the winners of the AR House awards 2019 and an array of social housing projects in one double issue provides rich opportunity to explore the places we live now and the responsibilities in designing them

  • Brunetti dsc04514

    Retrospective: Grafton ArchitectsSubscription

    10 July, 2019

    Self-proclaimed translators rather than authors, Grafton offer silence in the cacophony of the city

  • 18324062134 6123dd6f5c o

    Editorial: no man is an islandSubscription

    12 June, 2019

    Choosing to encompass instead the entirety of ‘the islands of Ireland’ is itself a provocation – one that nevertheless proves productive, as we ramble and rove around collapsed seams and difficult terrain to cast an eye over a land in the middle of something

  • Coc0365810

    Tour de banlieue: the grands ensembles of Paris’s peripherySubscription

    23 May, 2019

    Eight decades on, life beyond the Périphérique continues to battle with gigantism, boredom and alienation

  • 9397797439 8b2d885a0a o

    Editorial: set on edgeSubscription

    1 May, 2019

    We draw lines to make sense of messiness, to define and enclose, but life happens in the margins – in the slippery periphery that is continuously constructed but nevertheless remains elusive and underexplored

  • Alvaro siza sketch tea house leça palmeira 3x2

    Revisit: tea house and swimming pools, Leça da Palmeira, Portugal by Álvaro SizaSubscription

    12 April, 2019

    Designed by a young Álvaro Siza, the Boa Nova tea house and nearby swimming pools sustain an intimacy with the Atlantic by turning their back on land

  • Canute reproving his courtiers

    Editorial: trying to turn the tideSubscription

    3 April, 2019

    Humanity has long engaged with the mythological image of the opaque ocean through attempts at dominion, but we are now forced to plan for an imminent and uncertain future as the waters return to rise against us

  • 46566060214 451d039c19 k

    Editorial: sexual revolutionsSubscription

    15 March, 2019

    In the annual Women In Architecture issue the AR looks beyond feminist practices and binary gender divisions, proposing we remake our ideas about sex, sexuality and gender –  and correspondingly their relationship with architecture and cities

All by Manon Mollard