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Tourists scotland preservation rewilding architectural review

Run rewild: reinstating natureSubscription

By Anna Souter

Plant and animal life on Earth is orchestrated to preserve humanity’s ideal of nature. We need to step back

Yeravan 3 crop

Photographic memory: the revival of an artefactSubscription


The private antecedent to coffee-table tomes on Soviet Modernism, Ursula Schulz-Dornburg’s photo book is reproduced as an artefact from an ever more distant moment in time

The book of books: AR December 2018/January 2019

Through the ages, books have shaped architectural discourse and culture at least as much as buildings have. From manifestos to monographs to memoirs, architects have reimagined themselves as authors to communicate their ideas, elevate their status to that of intellectuals rather than builders, and promote their work to the world.

While the AR has long included reviews of recent publications, The book of books seeks to make more of these appraisals, dedicating an insert in select issues to books which frame and elaborate the themes through which we explore architecture; giving weight to the written, and straying occasionally into the poetic or otherwise oblique

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Paul Nash, Tate London 2018

Volumes of words: the architecture of the pageSubscription

By Hannah Gregory

Reciprocities between text and architecture open up new ways of reading

Mg 7317

Temples of ignorance: boundaries blur between book collections and the buildings that house them Subscription

By Maarten Delbeke, Emma Letizia Jones

As building and as metaphor – from the civic space of the library to Giulio Camillo’s ‘theatre of memory’, architecture plays a crucial part in the structuring and disposition of knowledge 


Lives laid along the line: the lived realities of the borderlandsSubscription

By Maria McLintock

The language of the border has been abstracted and its scars covered over, obscuring the lives and narratives that surround it

Le Corbusier's 1924 Plan Voisin for Paris

Book: Blast on the pastSubscription

By Alan Powers

In Making Dystopia: The Strange Rise and Survival of Architectural Barbarism James Steven Curl reignites the critique of Modernism, its protagonists and its acceptance in the aftermath of the First World War, yet breaks little new ground

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09 softschindler mak center c taiyowatanabe web

Flesh and stud: 'Soft Schindler' at the MAK Center for Art and ArchitectureSubscription

By Lili Zarzycki

Exploring multiple dualities and unearthing layered histories, Mimi Zeiger’s curation for the MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House makes oft-prohibited softness central

Sentimental value exhibitions cca architectural review 008

Sentimental value: from Gordon Matta-Clark to emotional capitalismSubscription


Two exhibitions at the CCA take a sledgehammer to traditional economic systems, rip apart property markets, and find value in the rubble

Gettyimages 105220089

Tortuous trajectories: the loves and lives of Modern couplesSubscription

By Catherine Slessor

Activating multiple modernities and identities, the Barbican’s Modern Couples exhibition probed the explicit intertwining of lives and art

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Avz a 58 flores & prats 1068 index

Grafton’s Venice Biennale 2018: Freespace remains a nebulous conceptSubscription


While there are some interesting contributions, the main exhibition’s incoherence proves that brilliant architects do not necessarily make good curators

Dacheng flour factory shenzhen

‘Shenzhen’s Biennale regurgitates Central Party concerns in a festival of restraint’Subscription


The tenth offering of the UABB is a patrician approach to the ‘problem’ of urbanising China

The Chicago Biennial 2015 will be held at Chicago’s former Public Library, which is now used as a Cultural Centre.

'An intriguing, occasionally frustrating, but often enjoyable festival of architecture'Subscription

By Edwin Heathcote

The first-ever major architectural festival in the USA whets, rather than spoils, the appetite

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Good grief sarah duncan

As good as grief gets: architecture, loss and resurrection at Highgate CemeterySubscription


A ghostly reimagining of Adolf Loos’s unbuilt tomb for Max Dvorák questioned architecture’s role in dealing with and representing loss

Forensic architecture rafah black friday

Architectural reconstruction of international crimesSubscription

By Zaira Magliozzi

Forensic Architecture’s investigations prove how fundamental architecture is to understand war zones and the explosion of urban violence

pyz 9822

Are we human?Subscription


The curators of this year’s Istanbul design biennial ask some enormous questions – but would answers be more useful?

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