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Love letter to suburbia: Croydon's buried treasureSubscription


In contrast to its staid, soulless reputation, the outskirts of Croydon brim with life


Blurred vision: revisiting Ian Nairn's SubtopiaSubscription

By Gillian Darley

Looking back at the peripheries, edges and endings of Subtopia, it seems little has been learned 

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Interview with Elizabeth GroszSubscription

The AR talks to the philosopher, theorist, and author of Architecture from the Outside about boundaries, representation, and the thickness of the ‘in-between’

Essays and reviews

  • 9397797439 8b2d885a0a o

    Editorial: set on edge

    We draw lines to make sense of messiness, to define and enclose, but life happens in the margins – in the slippery periphery that is continuously constructed but nevertheless remains elusive and underexplored

  • Canute reproving his courtiers

    Editorial: trying to turn the tide

    Humanity has long engaged with the mythological image of the opaque ocean through attempts at dominion, but we are now forced to plan for an imminent and uncertain future as the waters return to rise against us

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    Editorial: sexual revolutions

    In the annual Women In Architecture issue the AR looks beyond feminist practices and binary gender divisions, proposing we remake our ideas about sex, sexuality and gender –  and correspondingly their relationship with architecture and cities

  • Web mies van der rohe photo farnsworth house plano usa 8

    Editorial: form follows failure

    The AR airs architecture’s dirty laundry, arguing that even the success stories are built on failure and proving it is all the better for it

  • Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House has flooded in 1996, 1998 and 2008 despite being designed on 1.6m raised pilotis

    Editorial: reading around it before reading inside it

    The AR considers the reciprocal and multifarious relationships between books and buildings 

  • De rotterdam oma edwin van buuringen labeled for reuse crop

    Editorial: Superdutch is dead: long live Superdutch

    The AR turns to the Netherlands for the 20th Emerging Architecture awards

Letters from the Editor

Dymaxion House

The Big Rethink revisited: Becoming EarthlingsSubscription


Reflecting on The Big Rethink series of essays, Buchanan argues for a new culture integrating understandings of ecology, evolution and identity

The full Big Rethink


‘Architecture is now a tool of capital, complicit in a purpose antithetical to its social mission’Subscription

By Reinier de Graaf

As large housing estates are being demolished and the age of great social democracies recedes, taking with it any notion of an architecture for the public, OMA partner Reinier de Graaf asks if there is any alternative to building capital