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Lives laid along the line: the lived realities of the borderlandsSubscription

By Maria McLintock

The language of the border has been abstracted and its scars covered over, obscuring the lives and narratives that surround it

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Retrospective: Grafton ArchitectsSubscription


Self-proclaimed translators rather than authors, Grafton offer silence in the cacophony of the city

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Body of evidence: a history of Irish iconoclasmSubscription

By Darran Anderson

Iconoclasm has played a significant role in Irish history but should not be a part of its future

Essays and reviews

  • Option 2 for web mp stitched axo april high res tc

    Editorial: palaces for people

    Combining the winners of the AR House awards 2019 and an array of social housing projects in one double issue provides rich opportunity to explore the places we live now and the responsibilities in designing them

  • 18324062134 6123dd6f5c o

    Editorial: no man is an island

    Choosing to encompass instead the entirety of ‘the islands of Ireland’ is itself a provocation – one that nevertheless proves productive, as we ramble and rove around collapsed seams and difficult terrain to cast an eye over a land in the middle of something

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    Editorial: set on edge

    We draw lines to make sense of messiness, to define and enclose, but life happens in the margins – in the slippery periphery that is continuously constructed but nevertheless remains elusive and underexplored

  • Canute reproving his courtiers

    Editorial: trying to turn the tide

    Humanity has long engaged with the mythological image of the opaque ocean through attempts at dominion, but we are now forced to plan for an imminent and uncertain future as the waters return to rise against us

  • 46566060214 451d039c19 k

    Editorial: sexual revolutions

    In the annual Women In Architecture issue the AR looks beyond feminist practices and binary gender divisions, proposing we remake our ideas about sex, sexuality and gender –  and correspondingly their relationship with architecture and cities

  • Web mies van der rohe photo farnsworth house plano usa 8

    Editorial: form follows failure

    The AR airs architecture’s dirty laundry, arguing that even the success stories are built on failure and proving it is all the better for it

Letters from the Editor

Dymaxion House

The Big Rethink revisited: Becoming EarthlingsSubscription


Reflecting on The Big Rethink series of essays, Buchanan argues for a new culture integrating understandings of ecology, evolution and identity

The full Big Rethink

  • Index for web 24 lambeth towers interior

    Folio: George Finch

    The London County Council (LCC) architect designed the generous Lambeth Towers in 1972, which exemplified his belief in the power of architecture to transform lives

  • Tga 9810 1 1 10 tc crop

    Folio: Francis Bacon

    The County Kildare native asserted that he couldn’t come back to Ireland until he was dead – perhaps fitting then, that the contents of his South Kensington studio were posthumously decanted to Dublin

  • Jonas staal crop

    Folio: Jonas Staal's New World Summit

    Dutch artist Jonas Staal’s New World Summit is an artistic and political organisation dedicated to providing alternative parliaments, hosting political groups excluded from democracy

  • 85c2ec717e412b6b54c9b6219b8d961c crop

    Folio: The Flood of Noah

    From Genesis 7:11-24, The Flood of Noah by William de Brailes (c1250) illustrates a scene from the story of Noah’s Ark

  • 005 ar 03 folio

    Folio: Madelon Vriesendorp's all-seeing mannequin

    From artists to architects and politicans to performers, a sea of talented women’s eyes – shaped in the female form – look back at the reader

  • Riba40900

    Folio: Denys Lasdun's model graveyard

    The road to success was long, frustrating and dogged with opposition for London’s National Theatre


‘Architecture is now a tool of capital, complicit in a purpose antithetical to its social mission’Subscription

By Reinier de Graaf

As large housing estates are being demolished and the age of great social democracies recedes, taking with it any notion of an architecture for the public, OMA partner Reinier de Graaf asks if there is any alternative to building capital