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Competition: Marcon EcoPark, Italy

An open international competition has been launched for a new environmentally-friendly 20,000m2 park in Marcon near Venice, Italy (Deadline: 9 September)

The free-to-enter contest – organised by Desall on behalf of Italian manufacturer MetaFin – seeks economical and sustainable proposals for a major new recreational facility on the northern edge of an industrial park located on the mainland around 13 kilometres north of central Venice.

Proposals should include 15 large family seating areas with barbeque stations along with football pitches, a basketball area, a 300-seat auditorium, three toilets, up to 10 kiosk pavilions and additional open spaces for events.

Contest site: Marcon EcoPark, Italy

Contest site: Marcon EcoPark, Italy

Contest site: Marcon EcoPark, Italy

According to the brief: ‘MetaFin and Desall invite you to propose a new concept for a green recreational area that is due to be built in the near future, conceived as an aggregation space for families, a playground for children, an area dedicated to sports, culture, associative activities and events.

‘In addition to including the elements described, make sure that some areas remain clear of any structure or installation, so that they may be used for special events, temporary shows, exhibitions or to host future installations.’

Contest site: Marcon EcoPark, Italy

Contest site: Marcon EcoPark, Italy

Contest site: Marcon EcoPark, Italy

Marcon is a small town which is part of the Metropolitan City of Venice and is located a short distance north of Marco Polo Airport.

The competition focusses on a large agricultural site overlooking the Rio Foss Storta on the northern fringe of an industrial estate. Part of the site is a private dwelling and not included within the scope of the competition while another area has been earmarked for a car park.

The competition language is in English and submissions must feature up to five images illustrating both the design concept and planned construction methods. Submissions should consider overall aesthetics and harness ecological and sustainable components.

Along with landscaping, park furniture and a lighting strategy will also be required. The overall winner will receive €5,000 and an opportunity to see their design constructed. Runner-ups may also receive cash prizes and be considered for future construction elsewhere.

How to apply


The deadline for submissions is 9 September

Contact details


View the competition website for more information

Q&A with Desall

The competition organiser discusses their ambitions

Why are your holding an international contest for a new eco park in Marcon?

We believe innovation sparks from the collaboration of different sectors and backgrounds, which is why a contest can truly be the right answer to any problem. Starting from this very idea, back in 2012 we went live with an international platform and community for designers, architects and other creative profiles known as Desall. Here we fill the gap between companies and designers, architects, engineers, etc. by creating a bridge that connects them, through various contest-typologies. By reaching out to architects, designers and other professionals from around the world, we aim to explore this challenging topic from very different perspectives and cultures which would otherwise have been otherwise inaccessible.

Contest site: Marcon EcoPark, Italy

Contest site: Marcon EcoPark, Italy

Contest site: Marcon EcoPark, Italy

What is your vision for the new public space?

The park is intended as a recreational area for families and children and accordingly it will include several structures and garden games (such as swings, trampolines, ropeways, sports fields etc.). The amphitheatre that will be located inside the area will host shows and other events which will be open to the public, increasing its offer to a wider audience who may see the park also as a cultural and vivid destination. Other pre-fabricated structures will serve as venues for small business activities or other recreational purposes, dedicated to local associations or sporting events and competitions. What shall really be apparent to everyone – at least from what we expect for this area – is the great attention given to ecological and sustainable design choices, in the hope that any person entering the park, whether an adult or a child, may perceive it and feel at ease.

What sort of architects and designers are you hoping will apply?

By its own nature, the call is open and is meant to be open to anyone: accordingly, every professional will be most welcome, from emerging talents to established studios. Of course, architects and landscape designers in particular can be expected to provide crucial contributions to the contest, given their specific skills and expertise. However, we believe other professions as well might provide a perfect match and propose innovative concepts stemming from their own background and experiences. We believe the overall outcome will all depend on how much the vision of the park is shared by each participant. In this regard, in order to fill the possible gaps between different backgrounds, participation is open to both individuals and small groups, so different skills can be put to work together for an even better result.

Which other design opportunities are on the horizon and how will the architects/designers be procured?

We constantly launch international calls and competitions on our platform, so definitely you should keep a watch at the other open opportunities. They range from strictly product design competitions, to broader calls for ideas, from graphic design contests to landscape design awards and other topics. The target of our contests are pretty varied, from designers to architects, students, engineers, and other professions involved in design and planning.