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Competition: Krupa Gallery, Poland

An international contest has been launched to design the entrance lobby for the Krupa art gallery in Wrocław, Poland (Deadline: 18 November)

The competition seeks ‘unique and surprising’ proposals for a landmark foyer and reception area for the new gallery which specialises in Polish contemporary art and occupies a historic tenement building within Wrocław’s iconic Market Square.

The project aims to deliver a flexible and inviting lobby connecting the three levels of the gallery with the 13th-century plaza and surrounding area. Proposals should inspire visitors to engage with the gallery’s installations and events and could harness unique 3D, multimedia and mechanic art forms.

Wrocław Market Square, Poland

Wrocław Market Square, Poland

Source: Image by Kapitel

Wrocław Market Square, Poland

According to the brief: ‘We are looking for an artist - a visionary to shape the inviting interior of the lobby, who, using various means and techniques of expression, will help us create a unique and unexpected place for art.

‘The lobby is supposed to engage the visitor in a game with transformation, experience and reflection by using various means and techniques of expression while referring to the contents provided by the collection and the Krupa Gallery. By providing a linkage between the three levels of the gallery in the tenement no. 27/28 at Wrocław’s Market Square, the lobby will become a dynamic showpiece on the local map of art.’

Wrocław Market Square, Poland

Wrocław Market Square, Poland

Source: Image by чаховіч уладзіслаў

Wrocław Market Square, Poland

Founded during the sixth century as a trade settlement on the Amber Road known as Budorigum, Wrocław in the Lower Silesian region of Poland is today a growing city of more than 70,000 inhabitants with strong cultural and economic links to Germany and the Czech Republic.

The gallery is located in the centre of the historic city – formerly part of Germany and known as Breslau – and is a short distance from the new Polish Museum of Contemporary Art which opened inside the renovated Four Domes Pavilion opened in 2016.

Wrocław was named Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2016 and has since hosted a variety of pop-up installations including a landmark pavilion on historic Dawiola Island. The city’s artist residents were also influential during the Solidarity movement which led to Poland’s independence from the Soviet Union in 1989.

Submissions must include a written 5,000-character summary along with 3D visualisations, a budget estimate and a portfolio. The maximum file size for applications is 20MB and the overall winner will receive a PLN 8,000 prize.

How to apply


The deadline for submissions is 23:59 local time (UTC+1) on 18 November


There is no entry fee

Contact details

Krupa Gallery Sp. Z o.o.
Al. Wiśniowa 85C / 10
53-126 Wrocław

Tel: +48 691 848 309

View the competition documents and visit the gallery website for more information

Q&A with Katarzyna Mlynczak-Sachs

The jury member and manager of Krupa Gallery discusses her ambitions for the contest

Why are your holding an international contest to upgrade the lobby at the Krupa gallery?

The idea to hold a contest for the lobby came from our strong need to arrange the space in an attractive and artistic way. We do not want to build a white cube or an elegant interior that could be anywhere in the world. We would like to present it as a unique artistic space that is inviting for the visitors but is also a place where they can experience art.

The profile of our gallery will be international and so we also want to include foreign designers in the preparatory phase. The gallery is situated on the market square in Wroclaw and we are not allowed to change the exterior of the house. But the interior should show its unique identity and beauty. The property before the war used to house a bank and bankers apartments above. By the end of the 19th century, part of the building was a restaurant. The war damaged the interior of the house completely but maybe it is an interesting path to follow.

What sort of architects and designers are you hoping will apply?

We hope to attract young and emerging designers to collaborate with us. We would like to present the lobby as a unique place and promote it on a big scale. Ideally, the lobby has the potential to be an individual piece of art.

Which other design opportunities are on the horizon and how will the architects/designers be procured?

Over the coming year, we will concentrate on finishing the interior of the gallery. But future commissions are very much possible. We also want to devote every year the month of December for design exhibitions.