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Competition: Žižkov regeneration masterplan, Prague

The Centre for Central European Architecture has launched an open international contest for a 1,200-unit residential regeneration project in central Prague, Czech Republic (Deadline: 31 October)

The competition seeks conceptual proposals for a landmark 106,000m² regeneration within the post-industrial Žižkov district located a short distance east of the historic city centre.

The project will replace a former telecommunications complex which is no longer fit for use. Submissions should feature several open green spaces, a 75-place nursery and off-street basement parking and both low-rise and high-rise solutions are invited for the prominent site.

The contest site in Žižkov, Prague

The contest site in Žižkov, Prague

Source: Image by Dezidor

The contest site in Žižkov, Prague

According to the brief: ‘The district of Žižkov has been going through a major transformation in the last years - turning into a larger city centre with good public facilities, accessibility, and infrastructure.

‘There is a technological building which has lost its function and with regard to the extreme level of asbestos in its construction it is to be demolished and replaced with new development arising from the outcome of this open call.’

Located in the Žižkov district, east of Prague city centre, the 24,803m² competition site is currently home to a purpose-built 1979 office block which hosts various vital pieces of telecommunications infrastructure.

The building – which was used for both radio and TV broadcasts during the Cold War and was sold to developers in 2017 – will remain occupied by its current tenant, CETIN, until 2022 after which the regeneration project is expected to commence.

The contest site in Žižkov, Prague

The contest site in Žižkov, Prague

The contest site in Žižkov, Prague

The latest project seeks ambitious proposals to redevelop the site as either a low-rise complex or high-rise ensemble of towers. Proposals must aim to meet all local regulations and also re-house vital communications infrastructure within the north-eastern section of the site.

Stage one submissions should include a conceptual overview of the proposal along with a summary project explanation. Up to eight teams will receive €11,700 each to draw up more detailed proposals

The jury is made up of seven leading architects and key stakeholders including Czech architects Josef Pleskot and Zdeněk Fránek. The overall winner will be awarded a design contract and a public exhibition of proposals will be held three months after the final plans are announced.

How to apply


The deadline for stage one submissions is 5pm local time (CET) on 31 October


There is no entry fee

Contact details

František Novotný
MOBA studio s.r.o.
U Půjčovny 4,
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 222 222 521

View the competition website for more information

Q&A with Dušan Kunovský

The founder and chair of Central Group discusses his ambitions for the competition

Dušan Kunovský

Dušan Kunovský

Dušan Kunovský

Why are your holding a competition for around 1,200-1,300 new homes on a former communications site in Žižkov?

We are a long-time investor and developer of residential projects. For this unique locality we have decided to launch an international workshop (competition) and with help of the jury composed of local renowned architects select the best proposal. Back in the day, the telecommunication tower that is on our plot used to be the tallest building in the country. The area is really exposed in many ways and deserves an original and fresh approach. The workshop should also hopefully answer the question, whether to build an ambitious high-rise building or to keep the existing maximum building height.

The contest site in Žižkov, Prague

The contest site in Žižkov, Prague

The contest site in Žižkov, Prague

What is your vision for the new mixed-use development?

Our aim is to build prevalently housing with additional spaces for gastronomy, services and commerce on the ground floor, so that the project is open to public and helps to create lively areas. The surroundings must benefit from the future development here. I feel very strongly about the potential of this locality of Prague, and I am sure that it will become one of the most sought-after residential neighbourhoods. However, we also know that we need to focus on a middle and higher segment of clientele, and bear in mind to build affordable flats, which goes with careful selection of structure, materials and technologies. The plot is almost 40,000m², out of which we can build on almost 25,000m². The rest should be greenery and public spaces.

What sort of architects and designers are you hoping will apply?

I believe that this open call will be of interest to both renowned architects and those who are not discovered yet. My biggest hope is to have a wide range of potential contestants with various approaches and diverse concepts in the first phase (portfolio phase). If eventually a less experienced team wins with a unique and clever design, it will be our great pleasure and honour to help them gain recognition and make their names.

Which other design opportunities are on the horizon and how will the architects/designers be procured?

Central Group is the most active investor of the developable land and brownfields in Prague. Currently, our portfolio of land in Prague could host roughly 20,000 flats. In our almost 25-year-long history, the company has successfully completed 155 residential projects and sold more than 14,000 new flats, houses and plots of land. On the bigger projects, we chose to work with some major names in Czech architecture, usually via the process of workshops. We intend to keep this trend, be it on local or international level of workshops and competitions.

Are there any other recent residential-led urban regeneration projects you have been impressed by?

Yes, for example, I must admit that I have been quite impressed by the well-known HafenCity Hamburg project.