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The Women in Architecture awards, in association with The Architectural Review and The Architects’ Journal, look to inspire change in the architectural profession by celebrating great design from around the world and promoting role models for young women in practice. Click here to visit the campaign site

Shortlist grid 3

Women in Architecture 2019 shortlists revealedSubscription

This year’s shortlists for the Architect of the Year award and the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture bring together architects from around the world.

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Initiatives promoting gender equality in architectureSubscription

The AR Women in Architecture campaign is an annual survey, a partner programme and a series of events and annual awards: here we present a selection of other initiatives promoting equity and equality in architecture and design around the world

Moira Gemmill Prize & Architect of the Year winners 2018

Women in architecture winners

Sandra Barclay and Gloria Cabral announced the winners of the Women in Architecture awards 2018Subscription

Sandra Barclay and Gloria Cabral have been named the winners of the Architect of the Year Award and the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture

Ada Louise Huxtable Prize winner 2018

16 04 08 madelon vrisendorp london 076

‘If at first you don’t succeed, cry, cry again’: Madelon Vriesendorp on being written out of historySubscription

Vriesendorp, winner of the Ada Louise Huxtable Prize 2018, explores refreshing alternatives to professional modes of practice in art or architecture

Jane Drew Prize winner 2018

470 copyright hufton crow n68 large

‘I work best with something to push back against’: Amanda Levete on pushing borders and parametersSubscription

Winner of the Jane Drew Prize 2018, a desire to push the boundaries led Levete to embark on her stellar career in architecture

Gloria Cabral: ‘You need to make doors open – big doors’VideoSubscription

Gloria Cabral from Gabinete de Arquitectura talks about inequality in Paraguay, Peter Zumthor, and how to change the world, after winning the Moira Gemmil Prize for Emerging Architecture at the Women in Architecture awards 2018

Sandra Barclay: ’It is important that women have a voice’VideoSubscription

Sandra Barclay from Barclay & Crousse talks about who shouts the loudest and fighting for quality in public buildings in Peru, after winning the Architect of the Year 2018 at the Women in Architecture awards 2018

Amanda Levete addresses the Women in Architecture LuncheonVideoSubscription

Jane Drew Prize 2018 winner Amanda Levete talks tinned tuna, taking off your shoes and women doing it their own way at the Women in Architecture Luncheon on 2 March 2018

Madelon Vriesendorp: ‘There's a “coming out of hiding”’VideoSubscription

Winner of the Ada Louise Huxtable Prize 2018, Madelon Vriesendorp talks Lina Bo Bardi, bitches and cosmic jackets following the Women in Architecture awards in March

Madelon Vriesendorp speaks out at the Women in Architecture awardsVideoSubscription

Ada Louise Huxtable Prize winner 2018 Madelon Vriesendorp discusses women being written out of the script, defending her legacy and #MeToo heralding an end to mother-in-law jokes

Essays on gender, women in architecture, and sexualised space

Moira Gemmill Prize winner 2017

03 court

Cancha in Veracruz, Tepoztlán House and Común-Unidad in Mexico by Rozana MontielVideoSubscription

Sensitive engagements with communities activate simple architectural forms

Architect of the Year winner 2017

Dji 0001

Pátzcuaro Criminal Courts in Mexico by TALLER | Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela CarrilloSubscription

Calls for transparency in the judicial system in Mexico have inspired a novel architectural approach

Ada Louise Huxtable Prize winner 2017


Rachel Whiteread: ‘Faithful to a truly architectural project’Subscription

Whiteread’s architecture autre interrogates the psychic response to space

Jane Drew Prize winner 2017


Denise Scott Brown and the fight for recognition VideoSubscription

[Jane Drew Prize 2017] A fearless feminist icon, Scott Brown fought against a culture that assigned Venturi to the canon without her – and she’s still fighting

The life, work and reputation of influential women architects

Moira Gemmill Prize winner 2016

Milagrito mezcal pavilion santiago matatlan 2 jpg

Ambrosi Etchegaray employ Mexican idiosyncrasies in a rich reinterpretation of cultural and material historyVideoSubscription

Winner of the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture

Architect of the Year winner 2016

Arcus centre kalamazoo Studio Gang04

The Arcus Center for Social Justice in Kalamazoo, Michigan by Studio GangVideoSubscription

Inclusion, openness and dialogue resonate throughout Jeanne Gang’s Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership

Ada Louise Huxtable Prize winner 2016

Serpentineindex jpg

Julia Peyton-Jones awarded the 2016 Ada Louise Huxtable Prize: ‘when push comes to shove, architects can change the world’Subscription

A nurturer of architectural vision who has made architecture available to many

Jane Drew Prize winner 2016

Antti Lovag Bubble House Odile Decq

Odile Decq wins the 2016 Jane Drew Prize: ‘I’m still at war - there’s so much to fight for’Subscription

A creative powerhouse, spirited breaker of rules and a vocal advocate of equality