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‘You’re a damn fine woman painter’, the artist Jackson Pollock tells Lee Krasner in Ed Harris’s biographical film centred on the aforementioned man painter. The qualifier stings; smarting with the weight of thousands like it, with Krasner’s historical neglect, this particular sting is not entirely unfamiliar today. A winner of last year’s awards, Sheila O’Donnell insists that ‘We have to get to the point where it doesn’t have that Pollock connotation – a damn fine woman painter’. The road is longer yet.

Following on from eight years of Women in Architecture, the W Awards celebrate exemplary work of all kinds; from the design of the world’s most significant new buildings to contributions to wider architectural culture, from lifetimes of achievement to the work of women with bright futures ahead. Our ideas around identity are constantly evolving, and require constant re-examination. We want to signify the shifts we continue to undergo in how we think about gender in the profession. What we call these things matters in the process: as the very basis of communication, the words we use underlie the formation of our society. They structure how we think and how we act. Some have countless associations, but they are also necessarily limited.

We are not leaving an old tradition as much as continuing to evolve it: W is reflective of our past, of the lineage of work that we seek to continue, but the suggestive signification opens to the future. What remains of utmost importance is the celebration of exceptional design by people who are systemically undervalued by the society in which we live. The W programme will continue to build on the work we have done to date, continuing to raise the profile of women in architecture worldwide, inspiring change as a united voice of this global call for respect, diversity and equality. We look forward to the year ahead, joining forces and celebrating the outstanding contribution these architects make to the wider profession.

2019 Architect of the Year winner


Hungarian rhapsody: Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, by O'Donnell + TuomeySubscription

By Jay Merrick

Women in Architecture Architect of the Year 2019 winner: O’Donnell + Tuomey’s progressive building for the Central European University in Budapest, dedicated to open minds, borders and society, converses in the city’s language of courtyards and rhythmic stone 

2019 Moira Gemmill Prize winner

Tofu factory 1

Rural restoration: Xu Tiantian, DnA, ChinaSubscription


Women in Architecture Moira Gemmill Prize winner 2019: hidden deep in the heartlands of Songyang, Xu Tiantian’s network of small but sophisticated structures is transforming the Chinese countryside

Ada Louise Huxtable Prize winner 2019

Web ben blossom

‘An image for me should never be completely defined’: How Hélène Binet's photographs changed the way we look at architectureSubscription

Winner of the Ada Louise Huxtable Prize 2019, Hélène Binet’s photographs are more than simply representations of the buildings they depict. They are distinct works in their own right

Jane Drew Prize winner 2019

Web 3 blur building approach from shore photo by beat widmer

‘My intention was never to be an architect’: Elizabeth Diller's role in the contemporary creative landscapeSubscription

Absorbing and elaborating creativity from a wide array of artistic endeavours is, winner of the Jane Drew Prize 2019, Elizabeth Diller’s forte

130219 ar wia trophies253 crop

Trophies by Madelon VriesendorpSubscription

21 February, 2019

A sneak peek at the trophies for this year’s Women in Architecture awards, made by Madelon Vriesendorp – these will be presented to Elizabeth Diller and Hélène Binet, as well as the winners of Architect of the Year and the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture, who will be announced later today!

Screen shot 2019 03 26 at 15.59.18

Sheila O'Donnell: ‘Of course I think of London as part of the EU’VideoSubscription

Sheila O’Donnell, founding director of O’Donnell + Tuomey alongside John Tuomey, talks Brexit, Irish architecture, and ‘damn fine women painters’, after winning Architect of the Year at the Women in Architecture awards 2019

Screen shot 2019 03 26 at 15.56.20

Xu Tiantian: ‘The buildings are not iconic – they're more quiet’VideoSubscription

Xu Tiantian, founder of DnA (Design and Architecture), talks about acupuncture, ancient Chinese building techniques and rejecting icons after winning the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture at the Women in Architecture awards 2019

Moira Gemmill Prize & Architect of the Year winners 2018

Women in architecture winners

Sandra Barclay and Gloria Cabral announced the winners of the Women in Architecture awards 2018Subscription

Sandra Barclay and Gloria Cabral have been named the winners of the Architect of the Year Award and the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture

Ada Louise Huxtable Prize winner 2018

16 04 08 madelon vrisendorp london 076

‘If at first you don’t succeed, cry, cry again’: Madelon Vriesendorp on being written out of historySubscription

Vriesendorp, winner of the Ada Louise Huxtable Prize 2018, explores refreshing alternatives to professional modes of practice in art or architecture

Jane Drew Prize winner 2018

470 copyright hufton crow n68 large

‘I work best with something to push back against’: Amanda Levete on pushing borders and parametersSubscription

Winner of the Jane Drew Prize 2018, a desire to push the boundaries led Levete to embark on her stellar career in architecture

Screen shot 2018 04 18 at 12.25.35

Gloria Cabral: ‘You need to make doors open – big doors’VideoSubscription

Gloria Cabral from Gabinete de Arquitectura talks about inequality in Paraguay, Peter Zumthor, and how to change the world, after winning the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture at the Women in Architecture awards 2018

Screen shot 2018 04 18 at 12.39.43

Sandra Barclay: ‘It is important that women have a voice’VideoSubscription

Sandra Barclay from Barclay & Crousse talks about who shouts the loudest and fighting for quality in public buildings in Peru, after winning the Architect of the Year 2018 at the Women in Architecture awards 2018

Amanda Levete addresses the Women in Architecture LuncheonVideoSubscription

Jane Drew Prize 2018 winner Amanda Levete talks tinned tuna, taking off your shoes and women doing it their own way at the Women in Architecture Luncheon on 2 March 2018

Screen shot 2018 04 18 at 12.14.47

Madelon Vriesendorp: ‘There's a “coming out of hiding”’VideoSubscription

Winner of the Ada Louise Huxtable Prize 2018, Madelon Vriesendorp talks Lina Bo Bardi, bitches and cosmic jackets following the Women in Architecture awards in March

Madelon Vriesendorp speaks out at the Women in Architecture awardsVideoSubscription

Ada Louise Huxtable Prize winner 2018 Madelon Vriesendorp discusses women being written out of the script, defending her legacy and #MeToo heralding an end to mother-in-law jokes

Essays on gender, women in architecture, and sexualised space

005 ar 03 folio

Folio: Madelon Vriesendorp's all-seeing mannequinSubscription

From artists to architects and politicans to performers, a sea of talented women’s eyes – shaped in the female form – look back at the reader

Moira Gemmill Prize winner 2017

03 court

Cancha in Veracruz, Tepoztlán House and Común-Unidad in Mexico by Rozana MontielVideoSubscription

Sensitive engagements with communities activate simple architectural forms

Architect of the Year winner 2017

Dji 0001

Pátzcuaro Criminal Courts in Mexico by TALLER | Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela CarrilloSubscription

Calls for transparency in the judicial system in Mexico have inspired a novel architectural approach

Ada Louise Huxtable Prize winner 2017


Rachel Whiteread: ‘Faithful to a truly architectural project’Subscription

Whiteread’s architecture autre interrogates the psychic response to space

Jane Drew Prize winner 2017


Denise Scott Brown and the fight for recognition VideoSubscription

[Jane Drew Prize 2017] A fearless feminist icon, Scott Brown fought against a culture that assigned Venturi to the canon without her – and she’s still fighting

The life, work and reputation of influential women architects

Moira Gemmill Prize winner 2016

Milagrito mezcal pavilion santiago matatlan 2 jpg

Ambrosi Etchegaray employ Mexican idiosyncrasies in a rich reinterpretation of cultural and material historyVideoSubscription

Winner of the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture

Architect of the Year winner 2016

Arcus centre kalamazoo Studio Gang04

The Arcus Center for Social Justice in Kalamazoo, Michigan by Studio GangVideoSubscription

Inclusion, openness and dialogue resonate throughout Jeanne Gang’s Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership

Ada Louise Huxtable Prize winner 2016

Serpentineindex jpg

Julia Peyton-Jones awarded the 2016 Ada Louise Huxtable Prize: ‘when push comes to shove, architects can change the world’Subscription

A nurturer of architectural vision who has made architecture available to many

Jane Drew Prize winner 2016

Odile decq jpg

Podcast: Odile Decq’s 2016 Women in Architecture lectureVideoSubscription

Listen to Jane Drew prize winner Odile Decq’s lecture which she gave at the Roca Gallery on 19 July