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  • Marseille cinema gorska montaut

    Typology: CinemasSubscription

    12 January, 2016 By Tom Wilkinson

    Gloriously kitsch picture palaces engulfed the masses in darkness, while opening virtual space through the screen

  • Ford___s_River_Rouge_plant_Alamy_Index_Old

    Typology: FactoriesSubscription

    24 November, 2015 By Tom Wilkinson

    Commodities flowed from them, along with money for their owners - but the factory also produced new ways of living, of thinking, and of designing

  • Lomonsov_university

    Typology: UniversitiesSubscription

    6 October, 2015 By Tom Wilkinson

    The university is one of the oldest surviving institutions in the western world. It has colonised the globe, its architecture reflecting the prevailing ideology – of which it is the reproductive machinery

  • tomb of Rene de Chalon

    Typology: TombsSubscription

    16 September, 2015 By Tom Wilkinson

    A sealed volume, the tomb has no interior – or if it does, you really don’t want to go there. The exterior, by contrast, is a screen onto which we project our hopes and fears about the other side of life

  • JC Prestwich & Sons, Mounts Baths, Northampton, 1936

    Typology: Swimming PoolsSubscription

    1 August, 2015 By Tom Wilkinson

    Sites of ablution, illicit heavy petting, athleticism, surveillance, leisure, racism and death: pools bring people together stripped of status symbols, but in ways profoundly marked by wider social conditions

  • typology

    Typology: The semi-detached houseSubscription

    6 July, 2015 By Tom Wilkinson

    Symbol of middle-class aspiration, conservatism and compromised individualism, the semi-detached house is England’s modern domestic type par excellence

  • Opera Index

    Typology: Opera HousesSubscription

    25 October, 2013 By Tom Wilkinson

    Since its birth in the Renaissance, opera has been claimed as a reincarnation of community-forming Greek drama, while being used to represent the power of the state − whether feudal, dictatorial or democratic

  • Wunderkammern

    Typology: MuseumsSubscription

    19 December, 2012 By Antonello Marotta

    Museums arrange the world according to the changing way we see it: from Renaissance memory theatres and Baroque cabinets of curiosity, via Enlightenment typologies, to Modernist teleologies and the current vogue for environmental contextualism


    Typology: OfficesSubscription

    24 July, 2012 By Philip Ross

    Conceived in an era of command and control, the traditional fixed and stratified office is evolving to embrace more fluid and intuitive ways of working

  • Patients at St Bartholomew's Hospital, Lodnon in 1929 being wheeled out in their beds

    Typology: HospitalsSubscription

    27 April, 2012 By Sunand Prasad

    Ancient civilisation advocated letting the wider world’s healing power flow through the body and mind, but the industrialisation of healthcare isolated patients from these larger contexts. From city centres to sylvan settings, today’s hospitals must reintegrate the public realm into the healing process