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Scents of Place: The Power of the Olfactory

3 August 2014 | By Victoria Henshaw

A historical disdain for the sense of smell diminishes architecture’s experiential potency, says Victoria Henshaw



Film: Charles Jencks critiques the 2014 Venice Biennale Video

2 July 2014 | By

‘Architecture is a better profession than doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants and all the other options,’ argues critic, writer and godfather of Postmodern architecture, Charles Jencks



Editorial: The Secret Lives of Buildings Beyond the Lure of Awards

9 August 2014

On the uneasy relationship between reductivist beauty contests and architecture’s nuanced narratives and complexities

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View from Beirut

3 June 2014

Gripped by a wave of gentrification, Beirut’s coastal promenade acts as an enduring social mixer for an increasingly ghettoised populace, says the AR’s Middle East correspondent


View from Manitoba, Canada Subscription

28 April 2014

Winter survival and summer languor dictate how to build on the Canadian prairies, reveals Conrad Koslowsky


Michael Sorkin

Michael Sorkin

‘If we don’t make these changes we wind up as so many Canutes, bashing away at the relentlessly rising seas’

Farshid Moussavi

Farshid Moussavi

‘Competitions are driven by the desire to go beyond what already exists - unthought-of architecture’

William JR Curtis

William JR Curtis on Architectural Education

‘Architecture schools are only too often the victims of intellectual fashions’

Peter Cook

Peter Cook

‘At eye level, there is plenty to see and distract … but look upwards and the amnesia begins’

Ellis Woodman

Ellis Woodman Subscription

‘For architectural enthusiasts, the prospect of Belgium’s imminent belt-tightening represents particularly bleak news’