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PAH movement in Spain

Organised squatting throws a lifeline to Spanish evictees Subscription

4 July 2015 | By Dan Hancox

When the property bubble burst in Spain, the lives of millions were shattered. Led by Ada Colau, PAH stood up against the banks in an attempt to stop evictions


A Greek tragedy unfolds in Athens Subscription

3 July 2015 | By Yiannis Baboulias

Abandoned buildings lie empty in the commercial districts of Athens, as the homeless lie hopeless on the streets in front of them. Why can’t one balance out the other?

Architects should campaign for election

Why I am standing in the UK election Subscription

31 March 2015 | By Gordon Shrigley

How Gordon Shrigley plans to unleash the political power of the profession


‘To consider style from the 'outside' alone is to detach its significance from the context (everyday activities) in which it is encountered’ Subscription

11 March 2015 | By Farshid Moussavi

Farshid Moussavi: Style should be an agent of change, not of representation


‘Our motivation is to cry against this egregious act of high-Starbucks cultural imperialism’ Subscription

4 February 2015 | By Michael Sorkin

Michael Sorkin: on the rival competition to the Helsinki Guggenheim

Palast der Republik

‘Berlin doesn’t do bad buildings as well as London’ Subscription

12 January 2015 | By

Fran Tonkiss: Faux Baroque is not the worst thing that can happen to a 21st-century city


'All Change!' is an apt metaphor for a continent that, like Lagos itself, is in an exhilarating state of flux Subscription

24 December 2014 | By Lesley Lokko

Lesley Lokko: is it possible that by embracing change rather than resisting it, we might produce an African idiom/praxis?

La Rouvière, Marseille

‘France candidly acknowledges the gulf between haves and have-nots’ Subscription

12 November 2014 | By Jonathan Meades

Jonathan Meades: French urban planning stands in deep contradiction to the nation’s dream of wholeness

Royal College of Physicians

‘Works of this quality and depth cannot be reduced to lazy historical fictions such as the New Brutalism’ Subscription

1 September 2014 | By William JR Curtis

William JR Curtis: Seminal works transcend their time

Rem\'s Fundamentals

‘Koolhaas and AMO's brand of research appears to have become weirdly self-affirming, like a methodological echo chamber’ Subscription

28 July 2014 | By Barbara Penner

Barbara Penner on Rem Koolhaas’ Fundamentals


‘If you live a long life you will see your works destroyed − if, that is, any of your projects were actually realised’ Subscription

18 June 2014 | By Jonathan Meades

Outrage: Jonathan Meades on Architectural Failure

Le Corbusier and Josephine Baker

‘Le Corbusier burst into tears when he heard Josephine Baker sing ‘Baby’’ Subscription

4 June 2014 | By

Ellis Woodman on architecture and dance

Construction Workers

‘The distance between sleek design and sweated labour marks very starkly the limits of architectural influence’ Subscription

25 April 2014 | By

Fran Tonkiss on the architect’s duty to construction workers


‘There are still huge and gaping inequalities of the sort that few Europeans would recognise’ Subscription

10 April 2014 | By Lesley Lokko

Lesley Lokko on South African developments

Planning permission

‘Obtaining permission in the UK has become an art form in itself’ Subscription

19 December 2013 | By Farshid Moussavi

Farshid Moussavi: Planning is an art form

Maravillas Gym

‘They achieved work of great substance which transmits across time and provides numerous lessons for the future’ Subscription

5 December 2013 | By William JR Curtis

William JR Curtis: Learning from Spanish modern masters

New York Urbanism

'Bloomberg’s stop and frisk policy has resulted in five million humiliations of mainly minority New Yorkers' Subscription

25 October 2013 | By Michael Sorkin

Michael Sorkin: On New York Urbanism

Adventure playground

‘Adventure playgrounds were nothing less than an effort to foster social and political stability in the postwar era’ Subscription

26 September 2013 | By Barbara Penner

Barbara Penner: On the importance of children’ playgrounds



3 July 2013 | By Barbara Penner

An ordinary house becomes an out of the ordinary cabinet of curiosities


Michael Sorkin Subscription

10 June 2013 | By Michael Sorkin

‘Ada Louise Huxtable was the guardian and connoisseur of form’


William JR Curtis Subscription

3 May 2013 | By William JR Curtis

‘The Carpenter show makes a point of blurring fact and fiction and of trivialising both art and reality’

Peter Cook

Peter Cook Subscription

2 April 2013

‘At eye level, there is plenty to see and distract … but look upwards and the amnesia begins’

Michael Sorkin

Michael Sorkin

5 March 2013 | By Michael Sorkin

‘If we don’t make these changes we wind up as so many Canutes, bashing away at the relentlessly rising seas’

Farshid Moussavi

Farshid Moussavi Subscription

31 January 2013 | By Farshid Moussavi

‘Competitions are driven by the desire to go beyond what already exists - unthought-of architecture’

Peter Cook

Peter Cook Subscription

17 December 2012 | By

‘If a museum building can rarely have such a degreee of integrity, it remains a casket’

William JR Curtis

William JR Curtis on Architectural Education Subscription

23 November 2012 | By William JR Curtis

‘Architecture schools are only too often the victims of intellectual fashions’

‘For so long, the difficult, knotty question of identity has skirted around architecture’

23 October 2012 | By Lesley Lokko

Lesley Lokko on diversity in architecture

Peter Cook

Viewpoints: Peter Cook on Tel Aviv Subscription

28 August 2012 | By

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art delightfully ruffles a few feathers

Jean Nouvel\'s Agbar Tower next to Gaudi\'s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Viewpoints: William JR Curtis on Towers Subscription

18 June 2012 | By William JR Curtis

How Viagra urbanism wreaks havoc on our cities

Farshid Moussavi

Farshid Moussavi on Women in Architecture

28 May 2012 | By Farshid Moussavi

Agenda bender: the case for the abolition of female role models

Peter Cook

Viewpoints: Peter Cook on Oriental Originality Subscription

20 April 2012 | By

The West rests on its laurels, as Oriental originality emerges

Ellis Woodman

Ellis Woodman Subscription

27 March 2012

‘For architectural enthusiasts, the prospect of Belgium’s imminent belt-tightening represents particularly bleak news’

Peter Cook

Viewpoints: Peter Cook on the Death of Drawing Subscription

30 January 2012 | By

Has the steady march of progress been detrimental to the art of drawing?

Related Stories

JC Prestwich & Sons, Mounts Baths, Northampton, 1936

Typology: Swimming Pools Subscription

1 August 2015 | By

Sites of ablution, illicit heavy petting, athleticism, surveillance, leisure, racism and death: pools bring people together stripped of status symbols, but in ways profoundly marked by wider social conditions


'A distinct American-ness is found only in the regions, far from the seats of cultural power' Subscription

30 July 2015 | By Raymund Ryan

Raymund Ryan in search of a new American architecture

Grid condos in Toronto, Canada

‘A building is never an icon close-up. It crashes into the pavement, mashes into the city’

29 July 2015 | By Christine Murray

Even the most snobbish building will in some corner meet the in-betweens of life where people improvise, play a saxophone, water a window box

Most Popular

Fukuta House

‘Two distinct formal languages come together as one’ Subscription

28 July 2015 | By Manon Mollard

Fukuta House in Seki, Japan by Takashi Yonezawa Architects


‘Families evolve - why should their house remain static?’ Subscription

28 July 2015 | By

Nakanosawagawa House in Sapporo, Japan by Ryo Yamada


‘Its stockiness suggests an anachronistic classicism’

27 July 2015 | By Manon Mollard

House Skuru in Nacka by Hermansson Hiller Lundberg Arkitekter

Tunnel entrance in Grissom Air Force Base, Indiana

Going underground: The art of the man-made burrow Subscription

23 July 2015 | By

Tom Wilkinson takes us down the rabbit hole of architecture’s subterranean other

Interviewing Anna Minton

Interview with Anna Minton: Reading the Neoliberal City Subscription

17 July 2015 | By Jack Self

There is a real urgency to put politics at the forefront of architecture and understand how neoliberal policies like privatisation, financialisation and wealth polarisation impact our cities



'A distinct American-ness is found only in the regions, far from the seats of cultural power' Subscription

30 July 2015 | By Raymund Ryan

Raymund Ryan in search of a new American architecture

Colin Crickmay, house at Jordans, c.1937

Reinventing the traditional house in the age of Modernism Subscription

10 July 2015 | By Alan Powers

While architects who turned to vernacular precedents in the 1930s have typically been called reactionary, is it time we reassessed their work as proto-Postmodernism – or abandoned such categories entirely?


In search of a lost house Subscription

26 June 2015 | By Joseph Rykwert

From a child’s archetypal drawing to Alberti’s notion of it as a link in a chain, the house is an idea as much as a building, writes Joseph Rykwert


'Latin America was a place where Modernist dreams came true' Subscription

22 May 2015 | By Rowan Moore

Just what is it that makes South American architecture so appealing?

IM Pei, Museum for Chinese Art, Shanghai, 1948

IM Pei’s unbuilt 1948 Shanghai Museum Subscription

19 May 2015 | By Leah Hsiao

IM Pei’s first project, a Museum for Chinese Art published in 1948, explored themes of Chineseness he returned to 60 years later with his Suzhou Museum, but was misunderstood by Western critics


New Andean architecture in El Alto, Bolivia

New Andean: a new indigenous architecture Video Subscription

13 July 2015 | By Elisabetta Andreoli

[FILM] El Alto’s Party Halls by Freddy Mamani in Bolivia contain a banquet hall, shops and flats with a private house perched on top


AR House 2015 Winner: Fayland House Video

23 June 2015 | By Tapio Snellman

[FILM] David Chipperfield Architects’ Fayland House quiety subverts the English country house typology

AR House Judging

AR House 2015 Winners Announced Video

22 June 2015

Winning schemes of the Architectural Review’s House Awards 2015 revealed

Parque Novo Santo Amaro V by Vigliecca & Associados

From favela to gated community: a documentary Video Subscription

5 June 2015 | By Antonio Brasiliano

[FILM] When Vigliecca & Associados designed Parque Novo Santo Amaro V, its communal spaces were supposed to be for everyone, but now the residents want to close the gates


Philips reveals the results of innovative ‘Light up the dark’ experiment Video

30 April 2015

[SPONSORED FEATURE] Philips has revealed the results of an experiment which used light to transform the lives of the residents of a small community in Uppsala, Sweden