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Venezuelan urban acupuncture: Spaces of Peace by PICO Estudio Subscription

9 September 2015 | By Nicolás Valencia

Venezuela has been fertile ground for the emergence of young architecture collectives that are committed to joining forces, maintaining autonomy, forming their own voice and above all, addressing social injustice

Taktsang (tiger’s nest) Monastery

The land that Starbucks and McDonald's forgot Subscription

23 April 2015 | By Seamus Phillips

Architectural engineer Seamus Phillips reports from Thimphu, Bhutan, where happiness, not GDP, is used to measure society

monte xisto

View from Porto Subscription

16 March 2015 | By Jay Merrick

Paulo Moreira’s modest redevelopment scheme in Porto is a telling example of the need for a more sensitive approach to regeneration


View from George Town, Cayman Islands Subscription

6 March 2015 | By Maria Smith

The architecture of the Caymans reflects its curious history and secretive offshore economy, asserts Maria Smith


View from Warsaw Subscription

26 February 2015 | By Agata Pyzik

A unique estate of postwar housing, and with it an alternative vision of urban life, is under threat as former publicly owned land is privatised


View from Samara Subscription

2 January 2015 | By Simon Buss

Spanning Tsarism and Constructivism, Samara's complex heritage is under threat, reports Simon Buss


View from Rome Subscription

20 December 2014 | By Adam Nathaniel Furman

After two and a half decades of inertia, the city of Rome is now trying to put its house in order, says Adam Nathaniel Furman


View from Paris - Gehry mania and the most preposterous handbag in France Subscription

24 October 2014 | By Andrew Ayers

As his Louis Vuitton branded bauble plops into the Bois, Andrew Ayers finds Gehry mania gripping the French capital


View from Novellara, Italy Subscription

2 October 2014 | By Matilde Cassani

Italy’s rural flatlands are home to a growing population of Sikh farmers who are transforming the landscape with their temples and presence

New Harmony

View From New Harmony Subscription

27 August 2014 | By Ben Nicholson and Michelangelo Sabatino

Once conceived as a socialist utopia, today New Harmony is a curiously equal community inhabiting an equally curious architectural legacy


View From Edinburgh: An Independent Scotland Would be Better for Architecture Subscription

28 July 2014 | By Malcolm Fraser

For Scottish architecture to flourish once again, Malcolm Fraser argues that Scots must regain their independence from the UK in the imminent referendum

Garcia Fukushima

View from Fukushima Subscription

2 July 2014 | By David Garcia

Three years on from the Tohoku tsunami, Fukushima is still struggling to come to terms with the disaster, reports David Garcia


View from Beirut Subscription

3 June 2014 | By Thanassis Cambanis

Gripped by a wave of gentrification, Beirut’s coastal promenade acts as an enduring social mixer for an increasingly ghettoised populace, says the AR’s Middle East correspondent


View from Manitoba, Canada Subscription

28 April 2014 | By Conrad Koslowsky

Winter survival and summer languor dictate how to build on the Canadian prairies, reveals Conrad Koslowsky

Freetown Index

View from Freetown, Sierra Leone Subscription

5 April 2014 | By Killian Doherty

Political impotence and uninhibited economic inequalities stifle the vibrant cultural legacy traceable in Freetown’s urban grain, reveals Killian Doherty


View from Homs, Syria Subscription

7 February 2014 | By Marwa Al-Sabouni

Caught in the crossfire of a battle in which neither side will surrender, Syrian architect Marwa Al-Sabouni reports from the besieged old city of Homs


View from Svalbard, Norway Subscription

1 February 2014 | By David Garcia

Norway's extreme Svalbard archipelago may become a key hub in the changing future of the Arctic


View from Columbus, Indiana Subscription

8 January 2014 | By Simon Henley

The enlightened patronage of an American industrialist has something to teach us about how to make great places


View from Rangoon, Burma Subscription

10 December 2013 | By Knut Bjørgum

Formerly isolated under the country's military dictatorship, Rangoon now has an unparalleled opportunity to become a modern and sustainable Asian metropolis

The Mutende School in Lulamba

View from Chingola, Zambia Subscription

25 October 2013 | By Guylee Simmonds and James Mitchell

The experience of building a school in Zambia has given Guylee Simmonds and James Mitchell a unique perspective on the country’s wider challenges


View from Lagos, Nigeria Subscription

25 October 2013 | By John Godwin and Gillian Hopwood

The biggest city in Africa needs an architectural impetus commensurate with its growing size and importance, say John Godwin and Gillian Hopwood


Housing Crisis in Stockholm Subscription

2 August 2013 | By Rasmus Wærn

Housing, once the bedrock of Sweden's welfare state, now needs radical intervention, says Rasmus Wærn


View From Poundbury Subscription

31 May 2013 | By Alan Powers

Twenty years on, Prince Charles’ town is liked by its residents, but suffers - not from its faux styling - but from its impulse for instant placemaking


View From Singapore Subscription

2 May 2013 | By Colin Seah

One of the world’s most liveable but most geographically constrained cities faces huge challenges in housing an expanding population

View From

View From Dhaka Subscription

9 April 2013 | By Tony Godwin, George Henderson

The political unrest that recently engulfed Dhaka highlights some of the cultural tensions discussed at this year’s CAA conference

Istanbul index

View from Istanbul Subscription

4 March 2013 | By Selçuk Avci

Turkey’s booming economy is ripping out the cultural and historical heart of Istanbul, laments Selçuk Avci


View from The Arctic Subscription

31 January 2013 | By Matt Shaw, Will Trossell

With melting ice caps leading to potentially destructive oil and gas exploration in the far north, Matt Shaw and Will Trossel, the founders of ScanLAB projects, join Greenpeace on an Arctic expedition


View from St Louis, Senegal Subscription

17 December 2012 | By Paul Brislin

Italo Calvino would have felt at home in Saint-Louis, the former capital city of Senegal, and the Venice of Africa, reports Paul Brislin


View from Atacama Desert, Chile Subscription

23 November 2012 | By Mark Major

High up in Chile’s mountainous Atacama Desert, Mark Major marvels at the mysteries of the night sky, from which most of us, in our light-polluted cities, are lamentably disconnected


View from Genk Subscription

23 October 2012 | By Andrew Mead

The post-industrial city of Genk drew on its mining heritage to stage the biennial art exhibition Manifesta


View From Phnom Penh, Cambodia Subscription

28 September 2012 | By Geoff Pyle

Phnom Penh’s recent burst of development brings opportunities and perils for the city’s rich hybridity, product of South East Asian traditions and French colonisation

A shrine dedicated to Jimi Hendrix in Vancouver

View from Vancouver, Canada Subscription

28 August 2012 | By Hadani Ditmars

With its population expected to double by 2050, the city is finally facing up to its future, says Hadani Ditmars


View from Los Angeles, USA Subscription

24 July 2012 | By Frances Anderton

Is Reyner Banham’s gas-guzzling ‘Autopia’ finally going to embrace High-Speed Rail?


View from Sydney, Australia Subscription

18 June 2012 | By Chris Able

With more to lose than most other developed countries, Australia is failing to respond to the environmental and economic challenges brought about by climate change


View from Santiago, Chile Subscription

28 May 2012 | By Jeannette Plaut

The redevelopment of the Chilean capital’s barrios suggests how architecture might reinvigorate civic life and culture

Iran’s Alborz mountains have escaped the rampant chaotic demolition and development widespread in the rest of the country

View from Iran Subscription

24 April 2012 | By Dr Nasrine Faghih

In a country blighted by mass urbanisation and mediocre planning, Iran’s mountain villages retain a strong sense of vernacular identity

View from Nuuk

View From Nuuk, Greenland Subscription

27 March 2012 | By David Garcia

Striving to reconcile tradition with progress, Greenland’s capital is experiencing a dire housing shortage which looks set to intensify


View from: Tallinn, Estonia Subscription

29 February 2012 | By Villem Tomiste

The city’s inhabitants are experiencing a newfound pride in their capital and an optimism for the future

View from Sydney

View from Sydney, Australia Subscription

21 February 2012 | By Eleonora Usseglio

ONLINE ONLY | In the absence of civil protest, Sydney is becoming a playground for the architecture of Big Business to rampage unchecked

Scenes of popular elation in Cairo marking the first anniversary of the Egyptian pro-democracy uprising in January

View From Cairo, Egypt Subscription

30 January 2012 | By Khaled Asfour

As Egypt advances towards democracy, opportunities open up for a more environmentally responsive architecture

Antique embroidered panel showing life in old Suzhou, long swept away in China’s dash for growth. The country’s next challenge is to forge coherent practical and political responses to notions of sustainable development. Christophe Loviny/corbis

View From Suzhou, China Subscription

25 December 2011 | By

As the COP17 talks emphasise the need for action on climate change, China is using sustainable development as a political tool

View from Athens, Greece

View From Athens, Greece Subscription

24 November 2011 | By Dimitris Karampatakis

In light of the deepest austerity measures in Greece’s post-war history, architects can unite communities with a spirit of entrepreneurship, argues Dimitris Karampatakis

The recently renovated section of Tbilisi’s Old Town, set between the 4th-century Narikala Fortress above and the recently constructed 2009 Bridge of Peace in the foreground

View From Tbilisi, Georgia Subscription

31 October 2011 | By Peter Nasmyth

Investment has poured into Tbilisi since the AR first highlighted the city’s perilous architectural state a year ago. But now the thirst for progress risks destroying the city’s historic character

The ancient tradition of posting multi-coloured messages of hope and good wishes is upheld at the Tanabata Festival in Sendai City, taking on an added poignancy coming so soon after the earthquake and tsunami

View From Sendai, Japan Subscription

21 September 2011 | By Mark Dytham

In the region hardest hit by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami this spring, designers are bringing hope to shattered local communities, reports Mark Dytham

View From Archive