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Schools Intro

‘Failure to invest in where we manufacture society is a dereliction of duty’ Subscription Required

2 October 2015

As the AR School Awards show, there’s no shortage of architects and designers willing to deliver schools of exceptional quality

Illustration by Charlie Davis

Abolish planning policy to liberate creativity Subscription Required

16 May 2015

Underpinning all Kafkaesque planning bureaucracies is a fear of freedom that generates aesthetic frigidity

Till illustration

Where does architecture end and marketing begin? Subscription Required

20 April 2015

Design decisions are increasingly directed not by architects but by marketing executives, writes Crystal Bennes


The myth of the dying high street Subscription Required

4 March 2015

Far from creeping decline, high streets could become the linch-pins of a new metropolitan spirit, writes Mark Brearley

architecture the movie

Lights, camera, architecture! Subscription Required

30 January 2015

Cinema and architecture share common languages and challenges writes Davide Rapp whose Elements film was a mesmerising highlight of the 2014 Venice Biennale


How tech giant Airbnb is rewriting the rulebook on domestic architecture and fueling a housing crisis Subscription Required

23 September 2014

Thanks to the ‘sharing economy’, domestic space is less a private realm than a commodity. Can design make this process work for everyone and not just homeowners and investors, asks Luis Ortega Govela?


Doing Disability Differently Subscription Required

6 September 2014

Grounded in compliance, accessibility is rarely seen as a creative starting point for design. Jos Boys argues that rethinking ability and architecture offers a powerful tool to design differently


Scents of Place: The Power of the Olfactory Subscription Required

3 August 2014

A historical disdain for the sense of smell diminishes architecture’s experiential potency, says Victoria Henshaw


Lagos: A Model for the 21st Century City Subscription Required

18 June 2014

From Lagos to Medellín, the generative energy of dense cities could drive the development of their fragile parent states, reports Seth Kaplan


Black Sky Thinking: Creating New Worlds from Scratch Subscription Required

28 March 2014

In order to meet today’s planetary challenges, Rachel Armstrong argues for ‘Black Sky Thinking’ as a model of speculation that can deal with risk and uncertainty


Why We All Need a Shorter Working Week

24 February 2014

Infamous for its long hours, the architectural profession is emblematic of a world obsessed with speed and hard work. To unleash the full economic, environmental and creative potential of society, Anna Coote argues we must escape the treadmill


What if the world was ruled by mayors? Subscription Required

27 January 2014

In a world increacingly defined by its major cities the struggle against urbanity is a struggle against freedom


The urgent case to rewild the countryside Subscription Required

25 December 2013

Walk on the Wild Side: Rewilding our environment would take us back to a healthier balance, restoring lost natural food chains


No more heroes:the urgent need for political engagement by architects Subscription Required

27 October 2013

Intentional design decisions play only a small part in shaping the city and architects are deluding themselves if they think otherwise


Of Blocks and Knots: Architecture as weaving Subscription Required

25 October 2013

Tim Ingold considers what it means to make things and how weaving and knotting are the more authentic origins of all making


The power of networks: Beyond Critical Regionalism Subscription Required

23 July 2013

In this co-authored essay Carlo Ratti, Antoine Picon, Alex Haw and Matthew Claudel introduce Network Specifism: a redefinition of Frampton’s Critical Regionalism for the 21st century


Served and Servant Spaces Subscription Required

2 July 2013

The 20th century saw the sun set on the servanted opulence of the Edwardian high summer and reluctant householders faced the challenge of adaptation. The masses, however, welcomed the march of progress, explains Lucy Lethbridge


Neighbourhood vs Nimbyism Subscription Required

30 May 2013

Groups of residents in the UK can now formally register as a ‘neighbourhood’ - but will this be a catalyst for positive change, or is nimbyism forever to be the stumbling block?


The ugly truth: the beauty of ugliness

31 January 2013

The best-selling author of Ugly: The Aesthetics of Everything, sees ugliness as a necessary corrective that stimulates a deeper appreciation of beauty


The Ghost in the Machine: Programming and Architecture Subscription Required

23 October 2012

Robert Aish shares his insight as the software developer whose application was used to design the Olympic Velodrome


Wang Shu

16 November 2015

A poster boy confronting the issues that are failing Chinese architecture


Oskar Hansen

8 October 2015

A Polish visionary who wanted to transform Modernist architecture to respond to the conditions of real life


CFA Voysey (1857-1941)

24 August 2015

From his Arts and Crafts roots, did Voysey sow the seeds of Modernism?


Colin Rowe (1920-1999)

7 August 2015

An intellectual who wrote like an angel and dreamt of Renaissance Italy