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Why is ethics such an important issue for architects? Video Subscription

25 November 2015 | By Owen Hopkins

The RA’s Architecture and Freedom season tackles the question of architectural ethics - but where do such debates leave us?


‘Our schools must be temples, not hothouses’ Subscription

1 October 2015 | By Christine Murray

We once caged hens until it was deemed too cruel. Now London is planning to battery-farm our children


Venezuelan urban acupuncture: Spaces of Peace by PICO Estudio Subscription

9 September 2015 | By Nicolás Valencia

Venezuela has been fertile ground for the emergence of young architecture collectives that are committed to joining forces, maintaining autonomy, forming their own voice and above all, addressing social injustice


‘To control Temple Mount is to control the political narrative’ Subscription

8 September 2015 | By Eleanor Jolliffe

One of the world’s most revered sites forms the heart of a political battle


‘How to get the balance right; to create architecture with a social purpose, but not without delight?’ Subscription

2 September 2015 | By Christine Murray

Is ornament an improvement on the icon? What is disappointing is that we are still stuck discussing how a building looks


Louis Kahn, don’t stop talking! Architecture needs you more than ever Subscription

1 September 2015 | By Norman Weinstein

Two new books of and about Kahn talking provoke, re-frame and defy convention


Wang Shu


A poster boy confronting the issues that are failing Chinese architecture


CFA Voysey (1857-1941)

24 August 2015 | By James Dunnett

From his Arts and Crafts roots, did Voysey sow the seeds of Modernism?

South End, Boston

Gentrifying Diversity in Boston’s South End Subscription

14 August 2015 | By Sylvie Tissot

Lessons for today’s housing struggles can be learned from the tension between privileged defenders of heritage and the rights of prior occupants in the city’s historic South End

Union Stockyards, Chicago, 1947

Chicago meatspace Subscription

13 August 2015 | By Thomas Mical

The fin-de-siècle Modernism of Chicago was determined by its secret twin city: the South Side Stock Yards and their infrastructural logic


Outrage: ‘Rising from the ashes of 9/11 is not a phoenix, but a $4bn white elephant’ Subscription

7 August 2015 | Updated: 7 August 2015 | By Mikkel Rosengaard

Extravagant dream, or economic nightmare? The WTC Oculus by Santiago Calatrava


‘Starchitects are putting lipstick on a rash(er) of enormous pigs’ Subscription

5 August 2015 | By Michael Sorkin

Michael Sorkin on the NYC skyline

Grid condos in Toronto, Canada

‘A building is never an icon close-up. It crashes into the pavement, mashes into the city’ Subscription

29 July 2015 | By Christine Murray

Even the most snobbish building will in some corner meet the in-betweens of life where people improvise, play a saxophone, water a window box

Interviewing Anna Minton

Interview with Anna Minton: Reading the Neoliberal City Subscription

17 July 2015 | By Jack Self

There is a real urgency to put politics at the forefront of architecture and understand how neoliberal policies like privatisation, financialisation and wealth polarisation impact our cities

Colin Crickmay, house at Jordans, c.1937

Reinventing the traditional house in the age of Modernism Subscription

10 July 2015 | By Alan Powers

While architects who turned to vernacular precedents in the 1930s have typically been called reactionary, is it time we reassessed their work as proto-Postmodernism – or abandoned such categories entirely?

Robin Hood Gardens

‘The architect-designed home used to be for people, not investment’ Subscription

7 July 2015 | By Christine Murray

Why don’t we shelter the homeless in empty housing? This crisis seems nonsensical when the postwar housing crisis was solved so efficiently

PAH movement in Spain

Organised squatting throws a lifeline to Spanish evictees Subscription

4 July 2015 | By Dan Hancox

When the property bubble burst in Spain, the lives of millions were shattered. Led by Ada Colau, PAH stood up against the banks in an attempt to stop evictions


A Greek tragedy unfolds in Athens Subscription

3 July 2015 | By Yiannis Baboulias

Abandoned buildings lie empty in the commercial districts of Athens, as the homeless lie hopeless on the streets in front of them. Why can’t one balance out the other?


Endless House: experimental archetypes of dwelling

30 June 2015 | By Pedro Gadanho, Phoebe Springstubb

Both artists and architects have used the single-family home to explore universal topics and expand their disciplines in new ways


In search of a lost house Subscription

26 June 2015 | By Joseph Rykwert

From a child’s archetypal drawing to Alberti’s notion of it as a link in a chain, the house is an idea as much as a building, writes Joseph Rykwert

Parque Novo Santo Amaro V by Vigliecca & Associados

Has architecture lost its social conscience? Subscription

18 June 2015 | By Christine Murray

The question has become an arthritis; a dull ache that improves or worsens depending on the weather

\'I am here\', Haggerston Estate, East London

Estate: Self-portrait of a community on the edge Video Subscription

17 June 2015 | By

Andrea Luka Zimmerman, director of the film ‘Estate: A Reverie’, speaks to the AR about her collaborative documentary on the last days of an East London housing estate

Nan Fairbrother, \'New Lives, New Landscapes\' (1970)

Who should write about architecture? Subscription

14 June 2015 | By Timothy Brittain-Catlin

Academia and journalism are divided by an ever-growing chasm, but it is essential that the two cross-pollinate – for the benefit of both and for architectural culture as a whole

Quinta Monroy Housing

Radical tactics transform Latin American cities Subscription

9 June 2015 | By Roger Zogolovitch

Favelas: not the problem of urbanity but the solution?

Atlanta Beltline

AIA Convention in Atlanta Subscription

5 June 2015 | By Jeremy Melvin

Convention planners wisely avoided the tempation of promoting icons as the solution to urban ills and looked towards themes that are larger than architecture

Rio, Brazil

Rio’s eviction predilection Subscription

27 May 2015 | By Catherine Osborn

After years of false promises, even more residents of Rio’s favelas face eviction to make way for the Olympics


The forgotten master of Brazilian Modernism Subscription

25 May 2015 | By Jack Self

Subject to several unfortunate twists of history, Affonso Eduardo Reidy was once considered the most important Brazilian architect of his generation


An Author of Note: Magma's Architecture Sketchbook Subscription

20 May 2015 | By

Who dares tamper with one of the architect’s most prized possessions: the sketchbook?

Illustration by Charlie Davis

Abolish planning policy to liberate creativity Subscription

16 May 2015 | By Karl Sharro

Underpinning all Kafkaesque planning bureaucracies is a fear of freedom that generates aesthetic frigidity


Sacred Spaces Subscription

15 May 2015 | By Laura Moffatt

An ambitious new study of contemporary religious architecture touches upon a broad range of hypotheses, but falls short of an in-depth analysis


Yorkshire Moore Subscription

15 May 2015 | By Rebecca Swirsky

An exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park allows for an inhabitation of Henry Moore’s visionary altering of figure and landscape

Second Home

The future of London’s workspaces Subscription

11 May 2015 | By Patricia Brown

This year’s London Festival of Architecture will tackle how we work


Nicholas Hawksmoor: Seven Churches for London Subscription

8 May 2015 | By Jack Self

Drawing together material from the 2012 Venice Biennale, a new study of Hawksmoor’s churches examines their compelling individuality

Artwork - John Constable

This house moves to move: The case for relocating Parliament Subscription

7 May 2015 | By James Dunnett

Decamping the British capital out of London would reassert parliament as a central congress, save money, and perhaps even rescue the UK itself


‘The AR is about fresh ideas, which must be provoked, teased out, tickled or sparked’

2 May 2015 | By Christine Murray

In this, her first editorial, new AR Editor Christine Murray sets out her editorial ambitions


‘Architecture is now a tool of capital, complicit in a purpose antithetical to its social mission’ Subscription

24 April 2015 | By Reinier de Graaf

As large housing estates are being demolished and the age of great social democracies recedes, taking with it any notion of an architecture for the public, OMA partner Reinier de Graaf asks if there is any alternative to building capital

Taktsang (tiger’s nest) Monastery

The land that Starbucks and McDonald's forgot Subscription

23 April 2015 | By Seamus Phillips

Architectural engineer Seamus Phillips reports from Thimphu, Bhutan, where happiness, not GDP, is used to measure society

Catherine Slessor

AR readers pay tribute to Catherine Slessor’s editorship Subscription

20 April 2015 | Updated: 22 April 2015

Architects, critics and writers praise the editorship of Catherine Slessor

Till illustration

Where does architecture end and marketing begin? Subscription

20 April 2015 | By Crystal Bennes

Design decisions are increasingly directed not by architects but by marketing executives, writes Crystal Bennes


What an exhibition of fantastical utopias drawn by Bartlett graduates says about urban space Subscription

1 April 2015 | By Joel Blackledge

The captivating images of these speculative projects have more in common with art than architecture, but the Urban Tales exhibition nevertheless challenges our view of the city

Architects should campaign for election

Why I am standing in the UK election Subscription

31 March 2015 | By Gordon Shrigley

How Gordon Shrigley plans to unleash the political power of the profession

Catherine Slessor leaves the AR

Catherine Slessor: a trailblazer in male-dominated industries

30 March 2015 | By

As the editorial torch is passed, we look back at the career of Catherine Slessor and the AR under her leadership

AR Editor Christine Murray

Christine Murray named AR Editor

30 March 2015

A new era begins at The Architectural Review as Christine Murray takes the helm


Editorial: Past imperfect, future tense Subscription

26 March 2015 | By Catherine Slessor

On technological adventures and the future of architecture


Editorial: Architecture that goes beyond style wars Subscription

21 March 2015 | By Catherine Slessor

On architects and magazines pursuing content rather than style

monte xisto

View from Porto Subscription

16 March 2015 | By Jay Merrick

Paulo Moreira’s modest redevelopment scheme in Porto is a telling example of the need for a more sensitive approach to regeneration

All Seeing Eye

Outrage in Paris: on HdM's ‘Tour Triangle’ Subscription

11 March 2015 | By William JR Curtis

William JR Curtis sees Herzog & de Meuron’s ‘Triangle Tower’ as irrelevant extravaganza leading to the destruction of collective memory and urbanity


‘To consider style from the 'outside' alone is to detach its significance from the context (everyday activities) in which it is encountered’ Subscription

11 March 2015 | By Farshid Moussavi

Farshid Moussavi: Style should be an agent of change, not of representation

ISIS Iconoclasm

Empty Niche Syndrome: On ISIS' iconoclasm Video Subscription

10 March 2015 | By Candy Spender

ISIS’s vandalism is no betrayal of universal values: it’s driven by the same iconoclasm as Western imperialism and Modernist utopias


Private data: The architecture of the internet Subscription

9 March 2015 | By Giles Smith

The popular myth of an immaterial internet is allowing our cities to be covertly corrupted by private infrastructure devoid of any sense of public generosity


Diary: Zahira Asmal in Johannesburg Subscription

7 March 2015 | By Zahira Asmal

Director of Designing_SouthAfrica Zahira Asmal reports on the project for a new ‘place-making’ pavilion for Jo’burg, a dreamed opportunity to rethink the role of urban public space in the city and turn Park Station, the continent’s biggest transport node, into a new gateway to South Africa


View from George Town, Cayman Islands Subscription

6 March 2015 | By Maria Smith

The architecture of the Caymans reflects its curious history and secretive offshore economy, asserts Maria Smith


The myth of the dying high street Subscription

4 March 2015 | By Mark Brearley

Far from creeping decline, high streets could become the linch-pins of a new metropolitan spirit, writes Mark Brearley


Fendi vidi vici: when Fashion flirts with Fascism Subscription

3 March 2015 | By Owen Hatherley

The recent recasting of Rome’s EUR shows that fascist values never really go out of fashion


The future is female. But women in architecture need co-operation as well as competition Subscription

27 February 2015 | By Flora Samuel

As Teresa Borsuk is named Woman Architect of the Year, Flora Samuel critically reflects on the AJ’s Women in Architecture campaign and examines the impact of competitive awards on women’s experience in practice


Framing the Issue: Bamboo's Structural Role in the Fight for Public Space Subscription

27 February 2015 | By

On the front line of a design-led call to arms, bamboo is giving a physical form to the elusive concept of public space


View from Warsaw Subscription

26 February 2015 | By Agata Pyzik

A unique estate of postwar housing, and with it an alternative vision of urban life, is under threat as former publicly owned land is privatised

Jonathan Meades

La Rouvière, Marseille

‘France candidly acknowledges the gulf between haves and have-nots’ Subscription

Jonathan Meades: French urban planning stands in deep contradiction to the nation’s dream of wholeness

Barbara Penner


How the London Playboy Club bankrolled Hef’s empire Subscription

Playboy, that great icon of American pop culture, owed its existence for many years to gambling revenue from Blighty

Fran Tonkiss

Palast der Republik

‘Berlin doesn’t do bad buildings as well as London’ Subscription

Fran Tonkiss: Faux Baroque is not the worst thing that can happen to a 21st-century city

Lesley Lokko


'All Change!' is an apt metaphor for a continent that, like Lagos itself, is in an exhilarating state of flux Subscription

Lesley Lokko: is it possible that by embracing change rather than resisting it, we might produce an African idiom/praxis?

Michael Sorkin


‘Starchitects are putting lipstick on a rash(er) of enormous pigs’ Subscription

Michael Sorkin on the NYC skyline

William JR Curtis

Farshid Moussavi