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Walkie Talkie

Pie in the sky garden: Walkie-Talkie opens Subscription

26 January 2015 | By Oliver Wainwright

Oliver Wainwright reports on the opening of London’s newest, and highly controversial, skyscraper


Escape from Parametric Island: Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Subscription

10 January 2015 | By Chloe Wyma

The Abu Dhabi Guggenheim is part of a post-Fordist Disneyland built on slavery and oil


Bad Screen Resolution: DS+R's Doomed Sculpture Subscription

6 January 2015 | By

A doomed installation by Diller Scofidio + Renfro revealed the secret life behind the facades of San Francisco


View from Samara Subscription

2 January 2015 | By Simon Buss

Spanning Tsarism and Constructivism, Samara's complex heritage is under threat, reports Simon Buss


Public principles: Centenary of Lina Bo Bardi's birth Subscription

28 December 2014 | By Jane Hall

Despite recent celebrations of the Modernist architect’s work, is her legacy now under threat?


Gentrifying Jo'burg Subscription

23 December 2014 | By Guy Trangoš

Urban renewal in South Africa intersects with the legacy of apartheid


View from Rome Subscription

20 December 2014 | By Adam Nathaniel Furman

After two and a half decades of inertia, the city of Rome is now trying to put its house in order, says Adam Nathaniel Furman


When Helsinki freezes over: Guggenheim competition shortlist revealed Subscription

17 December 2014 | By Jonathan Glancey

The competition for the Helsinki Guggenheim was as unedifying a spectacle as the proposals threaten to be, writes Jonathan Glancey


The AR launches its 2014 Education Issue as a ‘game-changing’ digital magazine Subscription

11 December 2014

Incorporating the Global Architecture Graduate Awards and leading architectural research, the AR’s new digital issue represents the future of architectural publishing


Winners of The Global Architecture Graduate Awards 2014 Subscription

11 December 2014 | By Will Hunter

Will Hunter introduces the recipients of this year’s GAGAs


Mothers know Best: Focus E15 and the Turf War for City and Home Subscription

4 December 2014 | By Saskia Neibig

How 29 single mothers became unlikely heroines in the campaign for better housing


Trenchant criticism: on poppies, cenotaphs and other memorials Subscription

26 November 2014 | By

On the centenary of the First World War, are there better ways to honour the dead than with a proliferation of memorials?

Berlin Lichtgrenze

Another brick in the Wall: Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall Subscription

25 November 2014 | By

The 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall has been marked by official memorials, but also by public nostalgia for a city losing its soul to capitalism, writes Rob Wilson


Agora phobia: Athen's privatisation of Hellinikon Subscription

8 November 2014 | By Anna Minton

After the disaster of 2008, the vultures close in to feast on Athens


View from Paris - Gehry mania and the most preposterous handbag in France Subscription

24 October 2014 | By Andrew Ayers

As his Louis Vuitton branded bauble plops into the Bois, Andrew Ayers finds Gehry mania gripping the French capital

bamboo skyscraper

Pandering to bamboo: on skyscrapers made out of wood Subscription

22 October 2014 | By Tim Coleridge

Is raising the profile of bamboo as a building material for high-rise useful or irresponsible? asks Tim Coleridge


Curation Consumption: Berlin's Museum Island Subscription

10 October 2014 | By Adam Sharr

The museums’ new meta-structure rearranges the collections into a singular heritage and drags visitors through a prescribed promenade designed to encourage consumption of coffees as much as culture


View from Novellara, Italy Subscription

2 October 2014 | By Matilde Cassani

Italy’s rural flatlands are home to a growing population of Sikh farmers who are transforming the landscape with their temples and presence


Milk Bars: the Polish face of gentrification? Subscription

26 September 2014 | By Agata Pyzik

This redesigned and reopened milk bar in Warsaw preserves some of its Soviet-era aesthetic qualities but fails to preserve the milk bar’s crucial social function


Can London stay a good place to live? Subscription

24 September 2014 | By David Michon

After years in the dark, the London Society is relaunching in the hope of galvanising a coalition of Londoners able to intervene in the city’s worryingly uncivic trajectory

Photograph: Alex Bland (

Instrumental Irish architects Sheila O'Donnell and John Tuomey win the RIBA Gold Medal Subscription

24 September 2014 | By Raymund Ryan

Only the second Irish practice ever to take the coveted award, O’Donnell + Tuomey’s often surprising architectural moves are marked by a deep understanding of site, bravery and passion


How tech giant Airbnb is rewriting the rulebook on domestic architecture and fueling a housing crisis

23 September 2014

Thanks to the ‘sharing economy’, domestic space is less a private realm than a commodity. Can design make this process work for everyone and not just homeowners and investors, asks Luis Ortega Govela?


Wishful Thinking: The Wish List at the V&A Subscription

19 September 2014 | By

A series of bespoke, ‘wish list’ commissions for top design figures on display at the V&A is a playful and varied one, but an overt imbalance of power lessons the initiative’s innovative idealism


Does what it says on the tin: Amanda Levete's Tincan Restaurant Subscription

18 September 2014 | By

James Haldane visits the pop up diner which is decorated with and serves only tinned seafood


Doing Disability Differently

6 September 2014 | By Jos Boys

Grounded in compliance, accessibility is rarely seen as a creative starting point for design. Jos Boys argues that rethinking ability and architecture offers a powerful tool to design differently


What counts as ‘bad’ architecture? The problem with the Carbuncle Cup Subscription

6 September 2014 | By

From the Carbuncle Cup to the Dead Prize and Zaha in Qatar, architectural journalists resort to moral outrage to shore-up dwindling readerships


Enough Slum Porn: The Global North’s Fetishisation of Poverty Architecture must End Subscription

12 August 2014 | By Dan Hancox

Heralded as interesting architects and creative urbanists, the desperation-driven inhabitants of slums have lost their voice amid Western ‘beneficence’


Scents of Place: The Power of the Olfactory

3 August 2014 | By Victoria Henshaw

A historical disdain for the sense of smell diminishes architecture’s experiential potency, says Victoria Henshaw


View From Edinburgh: An Independent Scotland Would be Better for Architecture Subscription

28 July 2014 | By Malcolm Fraser

For Scottish architecture to flourish once again, Malcolm Fraser argues that Scots must regain their independence from the UK in the imminent referendum


L'Aquila: Five Years After the Earthquake Subscription

28 July 2014 | By Pippo Ciorra

Five years after the tragic earthquake, L’Aquila’s stricken urban fabric is gradually recovering. But what will welcome the dispersed community when they return to their streets and spaces?


Lest we Forget: The Kigali Genocide Memorial Subscription

3 July 2014 | By Tomà Berlanda

Dealing with the events that changed a nation, Rwanda’s Kigali Genocide Memorial, master planned by John McAslan + Partners, combines iconic forms with sensitive space-making

Drone city

Drone City: How Unmanned Drones Will Change Urbanism For the Better Video Subscription

2 July 2014 | By Phil Pawlett Jackson

As legislation struggles to keep pace with an explosion of unmanned aircraft, the drone is changing ideas of privacy, transport and creativity


View from Beirut Subscription

3 June 2014 | By Thanassis Cambanis

Gripped by a wave of gentrification, Beirut’s coastal promenade acts as an enduring social mixer for an increasingly ghettoised populace, says the AR’s Middle East correspondent


Adversity Breeds Innovation: Detroit's Motors for Growth Subscription

16 May 2014 | By Kaija Wuollet

Despite Detroit’s tale of riches to rags, the city is brimming with optimism and creativity


View from Manitoba, Canada Subscription

28 April 2014 | By Conrad Koslowsky

Winter survival and summer languor dictate how to build on the Canadian prairies, reveals Conrad Koslowsky


Cities for Life: World Urban Forum 2014 Subscription

18 April 2014 | By Alex Warnock-Smith

Explosive globalisation risks leaving behind not only the world’s poor but also its designers, says Alex Warnock-Smith


Urban Triage: Berlin's International Building Exhibition sheds light on the city's uncertain urban future Subscription

15 April 2014 | By Elvia Wilk

Despite Berlin’s undisputed status as a European cultural hub, its inner city is being anesthetised - and is in desparate need of a healthcare plan

Freetown Index

View from Freetown, Sierra Leone Subscription

5 April 2014 | By Killian Doherty

Political impotence and uninhibited economic inequalities stifle the vibrant cultural legacy traceable in Freetown’s urban grain, reveals Killian Doherty

index jail

Discipline and Punish: The Architecture of Human Rights Subscription

31 March 2014 | By Raphael Sperry

Why architects are in need of a Hippocratic Oath of their own to prevent human rights abuses


Water World: Is the Future Floating? Subscription

21 March 2014 | By

In the face of dramatic changes in climate and increasing social inequality, could life on the water come to define urban planning?


Rebuilding Our Cities in a World Facing Flooding Subscription

21 March 2014 | By Sofie Pelsmakers

Retreat, defend or attack: how a multidisciplinary approach is crucial if we are to flood-proof our threatened cities


Cuba’s Urban Farming Revolution: How to Create Self-Sufficient Cities Subscription

17 March 2014 | By Carey Clouse

Havanas’s unique agricultural infrastructure emerged from punishing trade sanctions following the fall of the USSR but today provides an exemplary precedent that could be applied worldwide


Why We All Need a Shorter Working Week

24 February 2014 | By Anna Coote

Infamous for its long hours, the architectural profession is emblematic of a world obsessed with speed and hard work. To unleash the full economic, environmental and creative potential of society, Anna Coote argues we must escape the treadmill


View from Homs, Syria Subscription

7 February 2014 | By Marwa Al-Sabouni

Caught in the crossfire of a battle in which neither side will surrender, Syrian architect Marwa Al-Sabouni reports from the besieged old city of Homs

Build With Chrome

Creative Block: Google's Interactive Lego World Video Subscription

5 February 2014 | By

The humble Lego brick is rejuvenated by this collaboration with Google, Build With Chrome


View from Svalbard, Norway Subscription

1 February 2014 | By David Garcia

Norway's extreme Svalbard archipelago may become a key hub in the changing future of the Arctic


Renzo Piano Courts Controversy in Malta Subscription

29 January 2014 | By Steve Parnell

Valetta Judgement: Renzo Piano’s designs for the City Gate and Opera House of the Maltese capital city Valletta are recieving a mixed welcome


What if the world was ruled by mayors?

27 January 2014 | By Benjamin R Barber

In a world increacingly defined by its major cities the struggle against urbanity is a struggle against freedom

Olympic stadiums being built at the Black Sea coast in the Imeretin Valley

Civil War, Corruption and Poverty: The Sinister Truth Behind the Sochi Winter Games

20 January 2014 | By Arnold van Bruggen

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games will cost more than all previous Winter Olympics put together. But behind the glamour and cheerful press appearances of Vladimir Putin, lurks a darker story Russian authorities would rather conceal

Public Space

The End of Public Space: One Law to Ban Them All Subscription

15 January 2014 | By Josie Appleton

Laws handing sweeping new powers to police and private security to restrict access to public space are extinguishing the diversity of civic life


Are the rules of what is an office being rewritten by this Russian ‘pay per minute’ coffee shop? Subscription

13 January 2014 | By Michelle Sweeney

A place to work and relax with free WIFI, and all the tea you can drink. This café where you pay by the minute rather than by the mug is changing the landscape of what constitutes a working environment


View from Columbus, Indiana Subscription

8 January 2014 | By Simon Henley

The enlightened patronage of an American industrialist has something to teach us about how to make great places


The urgent case to rewild the countryside

25 December 2013 | By George Monbiot

Walk on the Wild Side: Rewilding our environment would take us back to a healthier balance, restoring lost natural food chains


Inside the Donald Judd House, New York Subscription

22 December 2013 | By Catherine Croft

Architect Adam Yarinsky of Architecture Research Office (ARO) thinks experiencing Donald Judd’s art can help architecture make a more vital connection to contemporary life


Isabella Blow: The ultimate designer's muse Subscription

19 December 2013 | By

Nigel Coates admires the content of the Somerset House exhibition but questions the architecture which contains it


Mandela's built legacy and a new dawn for african architecture Subscription

18 December 2013 | By Lesley Lokko

As the spotlight falls on Africa following the death of Nelson Mandela, a timely exhibition on the continent’s built environment gives cause for hope


Caruso on Demand: Exhibition in Rome Subscription

17 December 2013 | By Freddie Phillipson

Collaborations between Thomas Demand and Caruso St John form the first installment in a series of encounters at the British School at Rome


View from Rangoon, Burma Subscription

10 December 2013 | By Knut Bjørgum

Formerly isolated under the country's military dictatorship, Rangoon now has an unparalleled opportunity to become a modern and sustainable Asian metropolis


The 10th Sao Paulo Architecture Biennale Subscription

7 December 2013 | By Roberto Boettger Costa

The 10th Sao Paulo Architecture Biennale puts its visitors in motion in the year of its 40th anniversary


Urban age conference in Rio de Janeiro Subscription

5 December 2013 | By Thomas Ermacora

The London School of Economics Cities forum raises challenging questions about the future of the city and its reliance on slum as a housing solution


21 Dolls' Houses Designed by Famous Architects

1 November 2013 | By Rosanna Philpott

Big names think small: a line-up of architectural stars have designed disability-aware dolls’ houses for a children’s charity auction


Hyde and Chic: Zaha Hadid's Serpentine Extension

28 October 2013 | By

The Serpentine Gallery has expanded into a new home in London’s Hyde Park, with a Zaha Hadid addition to an old gunpowder store


No more heroes:the urgent need for political engagement by architects

27 October 2013 | By

Intentional design decisions play only a small part in shaping the city and architects are deluding themselves if they think otherwise

The Mutende School in Lulamba

View from Chingola, Zambia Subscription

25 October 2013 | By Guylee Simmonds and James Mitchell

The experience of building a school in Zambia has given Guylee Simmonds and James Mitchell a unique perspective on the country’s wider challenges


Enhancing Everyday Life: The AGA Khan Awards Subscription

25 October 2013 | By

The Aga Khan Awards 2013 explore the transformative power of architecture to positive effect, writes Paul Finch

Elaborate inauguration ceremony of the Cité Radieuse, Marseilles, 1952

Cheek by Jowell Subscription

25 October 2013 | By Merlin Fulcher

Architecture and politices at the Royal Academy


View from Lagos, Nigeria Subscription

25 October 2013 | By John Godwin and Gillian Hopwood

The biggest city in Africa needs an architectural impetus commensurate with its growing size and importance, say John Godwin and Gillian Hopwood


Summit - or nothing? Subscription

25 October 2013 | By Steve Parnell

Berlin’s International Education Summit discusses ‘New Directions’ in architecture but makes little headway with its headline agenda, education, writes Steve Parnell


Of Blocks and Knots: Architecture as weaving

25 October 2013 | By Tim Ingold

Tim Ingold considers what it means to make things and how weaving and knotting are the more authentic origins of all making


New School of Architecture Launched Subscription

1 October 2013 | By Will Hunter

A new architecture school seeks to unite practitioners and students in the shared pursuits of innovative design and critical research


Lines of Inquiry: Defining Mastery in Architectural Drawings at the Courtauld Institute Subscription

6 September 2013 | By Freddie Phillipson

How can we understand drawings as expressions of a specific creativity, forming part of a history of creative thinking?


11 Things to know before starting architecture school Subscription

30 August 2013 | By

Top tips for students of architecture about to begin their course: Tea vs coffee, power napping and when to ignore your tutor


Housing Crisis in Stockholm Subscription

2 August 2013 | By Rasmus Wærn

Housing, once the bedrock of Sweden's welfare state, now needs radical intervention, says Rasmus Wærn


Crowdsourcing utopia: 21st century urbanism Subscription

31 July 2013 | By

New forms of cooperative urbanism are harnessing the internet to achive grand civic goals


Kevin McCloud's new self-build housing revolution Subscription

31 July 2013 | By Will Hunter

McCrowd funding: Hoping to spearhead a bottom-up housing revolution in Britain, Kevin McCloud talks exclusively to Will Hunter about his plans to use crowd-funding to bring the self-build dream to the mass market


Core values: Zumthor's design for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Subscription

31 July 2013 | By Michael Webb

The Swiss architect experiments organic shapes in a museum for the city that fluctuates over the landscape


Back from the dead: Interwar Modernism Subscription

31 July 2013 | By

In the duel between Modernism and its alternatives where did many styles end?


Istanbul: urban planning, protests and police brutality Subscription

20 June 2013 | By Selçuk Avci

Turkish police’s use of brutal tactics and tear gas to subdue urban planning activists is symptomatic of a government’s unwillingness to engage in public dialogue


View From Poundbury Subscription

31 May 2013 | By Alan Powers

Twenty years on, Prince Charles’ town is liked by its residents, but suffers - not from its faux styling - but from its impulse for instant placemaking


Neighbourhood vs Nimbyism

30 May 2013 | By

Groups of residents in the UK can now formally register as a ‘neighbourhood’ - but will this be a catalyst for positive change, or is nimbyism forever to be the stumbling block?

Editorial View


Editorial: The problem with memorials and memory Subscription

26 December 2014 | By Catherine Slessor

As architecture can rarely truly grasp the notion of absence, memorial culture lapses into comforting banality

Fran Tonkiss

Palast der Republik

‘Berlin doesn’t do bad buildings as well as London’ Subscription

Fran Tonkiss: Faux Baroque is not the worst thing that can happen to a 21st-century city

Lesley Lokko


'All Change!' is an apt metaphor for a continent that, like Lagos itself, is in an exhilarating state of flux Subscription

Lesley Lokko: is it possible that by embracing change rather than resisting it, we might produce an African idiom/praxis?

Farshid Moussavi

Planning permission

‘Obtaining permission in the UK has become an art form in itself’ Subscription

Farshid Moussavi: Planning is an art form

Jonathan Meades

La Rouvière, Marseille

‘France candidly acknowledges the gulf between haves and have-nots’ Subscription

Jonathan Meades: French urban planning stands in deep contradiction to the nation’s dream of wholeness

William JR Curtis



Your Views

David Chipperfield’s James-Simon-Galerie designs with ‘tunnels’ linking the museums

Island life: David Chipperfield's response Subscription

4 January 2015

The architect of Berlin’s James-Simon-Galerie responds to Adam Sharr’s article on the Museum Island’s new meta structure



The History of Architecture in Eleven Arches Subscription

19 December 2014 | By Leah Sinclair

From crumbling ancient monuments to ethereal refracted light, we look at the shifting usage and form of the humble arch



Interview with Bernard Tschumi Video Subscription

10 September 2014 | By

Architect of Parc de la Villette, Parc Zoologique de Paris and the author of The Manhattan Transcripts speaks to Paul Finch about his education, work and critical position. Tschumi discusses his interest in the city, his admiration for Cedric Price and why he’s pessimistic about the future of architecture


Film: Charles Jencks critiques the 2014 Venice Biennale Video Subscription

2 July 2014 | By

‘Architecture is a better profession than doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants and all the other options,’ argues critic, writer and godfather of Postmodern architecture, Charles Jencks

Wouter Vanstiphout Interview

British Pavilion Curators Interview: Crimson Architectural Historians Video Subscription

21 June 2014 | By

Wouter Vanstiphout and Michelle Provoost discuss this year’s British Pavilion’s exploration of the intersection of popular culture and 20th century architecture

Phyllis Lambert Interview

Interview with Golden Lion winner Phyllis Lambert Video Subscription

13 June 2014 | By

Film interview with the founder of the Canadian Centre for Architecture and the woman behind the Seagram Building in Manhattan

Rem Koolhaas Biennale Interview

The Flying Dutchman: Charles Jencks Interviews Rem Koolhaas on his Biennale Subscription

12 June 2014 | By ,

In this exclusive interview for The Architectural Review, Rem Koolhaas and his former architecture tutor Charles Jencks debate the morality, message and meaning behind this year’s Venice Biennale


Interview with Terry Farrell Video Subscription

30 May 2014

A series of in-depth online films, exploring the life, work and influences of leading architects and thinkers. In the inaugural outing, Terry Farrell discusses with Paul Finch how his Newcastle background shaped his outlook and approach to design; why he doesn’t think of his architectural style as postmodern; and whether property developers are more creative than architects

Ron Arad

Interview with Ron Arad at Clerkenwell Design Week Subscription

22 May 2014 | By

Israeli designer Ron Arad talks to James Haldane about the Tailor My Tom Vac project with furniture company Vitra, and shares his belief in design’s perpetual capacity for innovation


Interview with Nicholas Grimshaw at Milan Design Week Subscription

14 April 2014 | By

James Haldane speaks with Nicholas Grimshaw and Deputy Chairman Andrew Whalley about the Elements Exhibition


Interview with Daniel Libeskind at Milan Design Week Subscription

9 April 2014 | By

Design correspondent James Haldane talks to Daniel Libeskind about the Where Architects Live exhibition and his Ice Chandelier


Interview with Pritzker Prize winner Shigeru Ban Subscription

24 March 2014 | By Jeremy Melvin

This year’s Pritzker Prize winner Shigeru Ban is renowned both for his innovative work with paper and deep humanitarian concerns. He discusses moving beyond Japanese architecture and why he thinks it is ‘too early to win the Pritzker’