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Framing the Issue: Bamboo's Structural Role in the Fight for Public Space Subscription Required

On the front line of a design-led call to arms, bamboo is giving a physical form to the elusive concept of public space


Privately owned public space: Graham and Vogt's Pavilion on the Met's Rooftop Subscription Required

Hedge Two-Way Mirror Walkabout, Dan Graham and Günther Vogt’s roof garden commission at the Met, triggers Lili Carr to question the contradictions behind land ownership in cities


Leon Krier on sustainable urbanism and the legible city Subscription Required

The angst of backwardness and its consequences: Reflecting on the huge changes that have occurred in London over his long career, Leon Krier argues in this essay that it is traditional urbanism - not dense Modernism - that offers the solutions to the planet’s ecological problems

Ordos Ghost House

Hollow promises: the ghost town Ai Weiwei built Subscription Required

The Western media mock the emptiness of the vast Chinese city of Ordos, but the true failure is Ai Weiwei’s disastrous attempts at development


Los Angeles: A crucible of contention Subscription Required

Beset by curatorial and funding issues, a new survey of Los Angeles architects at MOCA is a missed opportunity, with genuine talent lost in an undiscriminating blare of projects


Letting Loose Los angeles in the seventies Subscription Required

Fantastic mirrored pachyderms coexist with an all too real landscape of strip malls and freeways in a new exhibition on Los Angeles that examines the city’s capacity to stimulate radical responses to space, structure and patterns of use


What will the Neighbours Think? Los Angeles looks back to the future Subscription Required

Elastic, plastic and anarchic, Los Angeles is a city seduced by dreams of the future that feed its hunger for experimentation. A major series of new exhibitions revisits and reframes its colourful recent past


Living Bits and Bricks Subscription Required

From brick to rare earth metal, the elements of our architecture - though remaining geological in origin - have evolved to the point of bursting into life, rather than merely mimicking biological form. This presages a brave new feedback-fuelled world where we don’t just inhabit our architecture but integrate with it


'Latin America was a place where Modernist dreams came true' Subscription Required

Just what is it that makes South American architecture so appealing?


An Author of Note: Magma's Architecture Sketchbook Subscription Required

Who dares tamper with one of the architect’s most prized possessions: the sketchbook?

Still of ‘The Architects’ by Amie Siegel exhibited at the Storefront for Art and Architecture

Spatial generics of the architectural office Subscription Required

The architect’s office is a primary export of American architecture adopted worldwide but remains much of a muchness with bland trifling differences, as shown in Amie Siegel’s ‘The Architects’


Sacred Spaces Subscription Required

An ambitious new study of contemporary religious architecture touches upon a broad range of hypotheses, but falls short of an in-depth analysis


Yorkshire Moore Subscription Required

An exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park allows for an inhabitation of Henry Moore’s visionary altering of figure and landscape


Drawing Ambience: Alvin Boyarsky and the Architectural Association Subscription Required

An exhibition of Boyarsky’s collection gives a vibrant insight into a golden age in the AA’s history

Robert Moses

A comic look at Moses? Subscription Required

A graphic biography vividly recounts the life of a man who reshaped an entire city


Lewerentz fever Subscription Required

Capitalising on a surge of interest in the work of Lewerentz, this reprint is timely, but fails to spark new considerations



Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale 2014

Venice Architecture Biennale 2014: The AR's Complete Coverage

From Charles Jencks to Liza Fior, read The Architectural Review critics’ take on every element of the 2014 Biennale

The AR Drawings Blog