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Leon Krier on sustainable urbanism and the legible city

The angst of backwardness and its consequences: Reflecting on the huge changes that have occurred in London over his long career, Leon Krier argues in this essay that it is traditional urbanism - not dense Modernism - that offers the solutions to the planet’s ecological problems

Ordos Ghost House

Hollow promises: the ghost town Ai Weiwei built

The Western media mock the emptiness of the vast Chinese city of Ordos, but the true failure is Ai Weiwei’s disastrous attempts at development


Los Angeles: A crucible of contention

Beset by curatorial and funding issues, a new survey of Los Angeles architects at MOCA is a missed opportunity, with genuine talent lost in an undiscriminating blare of projects


Letting Loose Los angeles in the seventies

Fantastic mirrored pachyderms coexist with an all too real landscape of strip malls and freeways in a new exhibition on Los Angeles that examines the city’s capacity to stimulate radical responses to space, structure and patterns of use


What will the Neighbours Think? Los Angeles looks back to the future Subscription Required

Elastic, plastic and anarchic, Los Angeles is a city seduced by dreams of the future that feed its hunger for experimentation. A major series of new exhibitions revisits and reframes its colourful recent past


Living Bits and Bricks

From brick to rare earth metal, the elements of our architecture - though remaining geological in origin - have evolved to the point of bursting into life, rather than merely mimicking biological form. This presages a brave new feedback-fuelled world where we don’t just inhabit our architecture but integrate with it

A radical new masterplan for Doha cultivates a sustainable urban model, with buildings that embody a modern expression of Qatari culture

A radical new masterplan for Doha Subscription Required

Part of the Qatari capital of Doha is being redeveloped to reconnect with the traditional urban patterns and textures of historic Arab cities

Dharavi comprises informal and formal housing provision, seen here with SRA housing rising high above the blanket of informal colonies. This block was opened in 2002 and visited by Prince Charles in 2003

Investigating the redevelopment of India’s most famous informal settlement, Dharavi Subscription Required

Following a visit to Mumbai’s largest informal settlement, the AR reports on the government’s plan to displace residents when it redevelops Dharavi


In for the Kill: Buildings Must Die

Moving beyond ruin lust and decay-porn, this study seeks to analyse far more than what distinguishes dirt from patina


The Big House: Incarceration and Exhibition

Drawing a comparison between the architecture of prisons and museums, a study by Joe Day explores the duality of concealment and display in exhibition and incarceration


Mies: Behind the Smoke Screen

A major new monograph on Mies by the late Detlef Mertins seeks the enigma behind the cigar


If Walls Could Talk: Bricks and Mortals

Tom Wilkinson’s vibrant and broad study takes the less well-travelled roads of architectural history, examining nuanced narratives that resonate over centuries


A Sense of Perspective: The Crucial Role of Architecture in Painting

A subtle and sophisticated exhibition at The National Gallery challenges the notion of architecture’s background role in painting, vividly revealing the importance it held for the artists of the Italian Renaissance


Now You See It: The Architecture of Disaster

In demonstrating the before and after of a violent action, architecture and spatial analysis become essential political tools


That Smarts: Against the Smart City

The zeitgeisty narrative of the smartcity is breathlessly positive - but what lies beyond the PR talk and press releases?


Doodlebug: Why Architects Still Draw

Architectural graphics guru Francis Ching on Paolo Berladi’s defence of architectural drawing - and why this alone is not enough to regain its lost value

Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale 2014

Venice Architecture Biennale 2014: The AR's Complete Coverage

From Charles Jencks to Liza Fior, read The Architectural Review critics’ take on every element of the 2014 Biennale

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