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Machine for Life: Hostel and Crèche in Paris by Chartier Dalix and Avenier Cornejo

14 April 2014 | By Andrew Ayers

Combining accommodation for young workers and immigrants in an edge condition in Paris, this apartment block goes beyond its basic brief to provide a civilising backdrop for daily life

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Cut and Print: Emerson College, Los Angeles by Morphosis Subscription

1 April 2014 | By

Drawing on the history and typology of its Hollywood milieu, Morphosis’s new media college abstracts and synthesises ideas about surface, space and social connectivity in an ambitiously scaled urban stage set

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Reid Bulding, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow by Steven Holl Subscription

1 April 2014 | By Richard Weston

Despite trenchant criticism, Steven Holl’s Reid Building emerges as an open armature for creative encounter at the Glasgow School of Art


Cardboard Cathedral by Shigeru Ban in Christchurch, New Zealand

24 March 2014 | By Andrew Barrie

Rising from the ruins: Shigeru Ban’s temporary structure speaks hope after the disasterous Christchurch earthquake


Centre Pompidou-Metz by Shigeru Ban Architects & Jean de Gastines Architectes, France

24 March 2014 | By Will Hunter

The compromised concept of the Pompidu’s new outpost in Metz fails to impress


Container Art in Santa Monica by Shigeru Ban

24 March 2014

Shigeru Ban’s inventive yet frugal Nomadic Museum berths on the Santa Monica beachfront


Paper Palace in Hanover by Shigeru Ban

24 March 2014 | By Peter Davey

The Japanese pavillion is the biggest paper structure ever built, and one of the boldest attempts to meet the Expo organizers aims of generating sustainable, humane construction by using advanced technology


Danish National Maritime Museum in Helsingør, Denmark by Bjarke Ingels Group

23 March 2014 | By Jonathan Glancey

Remodelled to house Denmark’s National Maritime Museum, a former dry dock squares up empathetically to the demands of the modern visitor attraction


Business School, State University of New York by Perkins + Will Subscription

10 March 2014 | By Jeremy Melvin

Adding to a 1960’s campus in upstate New York, this new building acts as an incubator for ideas about how business education is evolving


Free Form: High School in Caneças by ARX, Portugal Subscription

3 March 2014 | By Luis Santiago Baptista

A remodelled school in Portugal expressively catalyses a more social learning environment


Pattern Language: LSE Students' Centre by O'donnell + Tuomey Subscription

26 February 2014 | By Kester Rattenbury

Handmade bricks form a richly patterned screen that unites a complexity of functions in the new student centre for the London School of Economics


Negotiating the ruin: The story of Stirling Prize winning Astley Castle in drawings

25 February 2014

The reinhabitation of Astley Castle, told through the drawings of its architects, Witherford Watson Mann


Blank Account: De Rotterdam, by OMA in Rotterdam, Netherlands

24 February 2014 | By Bart Lootsma

OMA’s towering new De Rotterdam complex recasts the notion of the vertical city - but how does it stack up?


Museo Jumex in Mexico City by David Chipperfield Architects Subscription

11 February 2014 | By Raymund Ryan

David Chipperfield's first project in Latin America is a fortified castle for modern art set in the dislocating blare of Mexico City


Visual Arts Institutional Campus in Rohtak by Raj Rewal Associates

10 February 2014 | By Suparna Rajguru, Britt Eversole

Drawing deeply on historic and typological precedents, this suburban arts campus in northern India inculcates a rich and dynamic culture of encounter and exchange


30 Architects Under 30

3 February 2014 | By Jon Astbury

These 30 projects all by architects under 30 years old challenge the tired stereotype of architecture as an old man’s game


Orkidstudio's School in Zambia

3 February 2014

Orkidstudio champion collaboration with local communities and crafts

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Christina Gray's Rocky Top in Canada

3 February 2014 | By Tracey Nasrallah

Gray’s house in the woods is elevated by wooden pilotis


Duval + Vives' Rupanco House in Chile

3 February 2014

Emerging Chilean practive Duval + Vives is currently developing several projects that emphasise the use of wood


ElleVuElle's Casa Esse in Forlì, Italy

3 February 2014

Located in the Forlì countryside, ElleVuElle’s sensitive house project is inspired by the surrounding plains


BAST's M03 House Extension in Toulouse

3 February 2014

A renovation in Toulouse uses the familiar concept of new versus old, placing a lightweight metal frame atop crumbling masonry


Giovanni Pesamosca's Alpine Cabin in Friuli, Italy

3 February 2014

Airlifted in by helicopter, Pesamosca’s mountain-top cabin provides an elegant resting place for hikers


Raffaello Rosselli's Tinshed in Sydney

3 February 2014

Raffaello Rosselli gives a new life to the traditional Australian tinshed that retains its weathered aesthetic


Air Max: Terminal 3 at Shenzhen Airport by Studio Fuksas Architetto

3 February 2014 | By Austin Williams

Completed in only six years, Shenzhen's new airport terminal is the latest daunting set piece to encapsulate China's economic and architectural ambitions


Jhono Bennett's Slovo Park Project in Soweto

3 February 2014

Jhono Bennett made his university project a reality to help develop an informal settlement


Onishimaki + Hyakudayuki's Double Helix house in Tokyo

31 January 2014 | By Tracey Nasrallah

A double helix house in a condensed residential area


Studio Weave's Ecology of Colour in Kent

31 January 2014

Studio Weave’s joyful project engages with a neglected area


Jean-Benoît Vétillard's Garden house in Laval, France

31 January 2014 | By Tracey Nasrallah

This garden house presents a contemporary representation of the French mansard roof


Tore H Grimstad, Assad Ansar and Andreas Brunvoll's Youth Centre in Senegal

31 January 2014

A youth centre built in 10 weeks in an area with no electricity


Armando Montero + Samuel Bravo's Cabin in Patagonia, Chile

31 January 2014

An isolated treehouse overlooks a picturesque bay


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September 1990: Musique Concrete by Edward Cullinan Architects

8 April 2014 | By Peter Davey

Now under threat of demolition, we revisit the AR’s original coverage of the RMC international headquarters, one of Edward Cullinan Architects’ finest buildings


Opera Index

Typology Quarterly: Opera Houses

25 October 2013 | By Tom Wilkinson

Since its birth in the Renaissance, opera has been claimed as a reincarnation of community-forming Greek drama, while being used to represent the power of the state - whether feudal, dictatorial or democratic


Typology Quarterly: Museums

19 December 2012 | By Antonello Marotta


Typology Quarterly: Offices

24 July 2012 | By Philip Ross

Conceived in an era of command and control, constrained by paper and fixed technology, reflective of hierarchy and order with a culture of presenteeism and paternalism, the traditional fixed and stratified office is evolving to embrace more fluid and intuitive ways of working

Patients at St Bartholomew\'s Hospital, Lodnon in 1929 being wheeled out in their beds

Typology Quarterly: Hospitals

27 April 2012 | By Sunand Prasad

Ancient civilisation advocated letting the wider world’s healing power flow through the body and mind, but the industrialisation of healthcare isolated patients from these larger contexts. From city centres to sylvan settings, today’s hospitals must reintegrate the public realm into the healing process

Jan Steen, A School for Boys and Girls, c.1670

Typology Quarterly: Schools Subscription

29 March 2012 | By Christian Kuhn

In the industrial era, schools developed as highly controlled environments to instil the discipline to thrive in a machine age. Now, to prepare pupils for success in a knowledge economy, the evolving typology is more fluidly conceived to provide flexibility, connectivity, and spaces for social and educational encounters



Lethbridge University: The Spaceship-like Prairie School Comes of Age

13 February 2014 | By Hadani Ditmars

In the late 1960s, Arthur Erickson’s heroic campus for the University of Lethbridge in Alberta emerged from the coulées of the Canadian prairie. Assailed by insensitive additions of intervening decades, a new masterplan promises renewal



31 January 2013

Two office buildings in Sacramento, California. The Bateson Building, completed in 1978, and the Lincoln Center in 1986 take different approaches to environmental concerns, using concrete, organic materials and an unusual air-conditioning system

Marl Primary School

Learning from Scharoun's Marl School Subscription

23 October 2012 | By Peter Blundell Jones

Scharoun’s school in the mining town of Marl has been saved from demolition and is being converted for use as a music school, preserving a pioneering facet of his contribution to the fabric of postwar Germany