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The Sandcrawler in Singapore by Andrew Bromberg of Aedas

7 July 2014 | By Sutherland Lyall

The first in an exclusive series of online-only building studies, LucasArt’s new Singapore headquarters is packed with Star Wars references from air-lock lifts to bronze Yoda sculptures - but these allusions trivialise an immensely elegant building


Nannup Holiday House in Australia by Iredale Pedersen Hook

3 July 2014

Honourable Mention: responding to the path from Perth to Nannup, this house in Australia responds to its dramatically changing surroundings


Armadillo by Yuji Tanabe Architects Subscription

3 July 2014 | By

Honourable Mention: Yuji Tanabe’s context-driven form draws inspiration from the armadillo in its response to the Japanese climate


Árborg House in Iceland by PK Arkitektar Subscription

3 July 2014 | By

Honourable Mention: set in the bleak glamour of south Iceland, this sensitive and spacious house crowns a riverside hilltop


A House Open to the City by Studio Velocity Subscription

3 July 2014 | By

Honourable Mention: Studio Velocity offers another reinvention of urban living with two small structures connected by delicate bridges


Blooming Bamboo Home in Vietnam by H&P Architects Subscription

25 June 2014

Highly Commended: The prototype for H&P’s Bamboo Home reconceptualises vernacular technologies for the present day to create a simple and inventive flood-resistant dwelling


House in Opwijk by Marie-José Van Hee Architecten Subscription

25 June 2014 | By

Highly Commended: The second award winning entry from Marie-José Van Hee Architecten, this home in Opwijk carries an unusual and understated sophistication


Dragon Court Village in Japan by Eureka Subscription

25 June 2014

Highly Commended: A fluid and porous surburban scheme, Eureka’s housing project offers an optomistic alternative to the typical house-on-plot model


Quarry House in Ireland by Clancy Moore Architects Subscription

25 June 2014

Highly Commended: A dramatically set rural retreat, the Highly Commended Quarry House by Clancy Moore Architects blends brooding melancholy with Scandinavian-style optimism


AR House 2014 Runner Up: Garden Room in Sri Lanka by ADM Architects

25 June 2014 | By Channa Daswatte

Inspired by the original occupation of the site by shipping containers, this sentitive project delicately occupies its surrounding suburban wilderness


AR House 2014 Runner Up: House in Zuidzande by Marie-José Van Hee Architecten Subscription

25 June 2014 | By

Cloaked by a wall of trees, this house in Zuidzande combines a compact, robust concrete tower with a delicate and ascetic living space


AR House 2014 Winner: House for Trees in Vietnam by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

25 June 2014 | By

This year’s AR House Winner, tucked into a typical Vietnam side-street, blends simplistic ideological ambitions with compelling, well crafted formal expression


AR House 2014 Third Prize: Doctors' Housing in Rwanda by Mass Design Group

23 June 2014 | By

Huddled above Butaro hospital in Rwanda, MASS’ elegent housing units are emblematic of the positive impact architecture can have in the developing world


Urban Villa in Switzerland by 2B Architectes Subscription

20 June 2014

Highly Commended: Combining the townhouse and the apartment block in one structure, 2b Architectes’ Urban Villa compresses complex spatial arrangements into a fragmentary whole


Memories in Ruins: 9/11 Memorial Museum by Snøhetta and Davis Brody Bond

17 June 2014 | By Robert Bevan

With the recent opening of the new 9/11 Memorial Museum, the physical rehabilitation of New York's Ground Zero is nearly complete. Yet in such a highly charged context, how can architecture sift the powerful currents of memory, myth and meaning to make sense of events?


Everyman Theatre in Liverpool by Haworth Tompkins Subscription

10 June 2014 | By Brian Hatton

Intimate yet epic, Liverpool's famous Everyman Theatre has a striking new home that thrives on indeterminacy and is a crucible for experimentation


Stone in the Forest: Crematorium in Stockholm by Johan Celsing

6 June 2014 | By

Death’s rituals and realities are poignantly expressed in this woodland crematorium


Miami Virtue: Pérez Art Museum in Miami by Herzog & de Meuron

3 June 2014 | By Michael Webb

Miami's cultural and civic milieu is augmented by a consciously anti-iconic museum for modern art by Herzog & de Meuron


Schindler's Lift: Bethlehem Baptist Church Resurrected Subscription

29 May 2014 | By Michael Webb

RM Schindler’s only surviving public building, seemingly doomed to extinction for decades, is enjoying a facelift that will not only restore it, but may finally fully realise the original design


Vienna Six: A Breakdown of the Starchitect Campus

27 May 2014

A closer look at the Vienna University of Economics and Business’ star-studded new campus, featuring projects from Zaha Hadid Architects and CRAB Studio


Sextet in the City: Vienna University's Starchitect Campus

27 May 2014 | By

With an array of starchitect buildings corralled like guests at a cocktail party, Vienna University recasts the idea and the identity of the modern campus


Hues and Pews: Immanuel Church in Cologne by Sauerbruch Hutton

14 May 2014 | By Peter Blundell Jones

Tempering programmatic pragmatism with the nuances of light and colour, this new church in Cologne is a meditative, multivalent space


Two Town Houses in London by Stephen Taylor Architects

6 May 2014 | By David Grandorge

Proposing a new template for urban living, these two town houses subtly inveigle themselves within a leafy London neighbourhood


State Archive in Duisburg, Germany, by O&O Baukunst Subscription

24 April 2014 | By

The hermetic potential of the archive finds its ultimate expression in this tower of blank brick on Duisburg's waterfront


Machine for Life: Hostel and Crèche in Paris by Chartier Dalix and Avenier Cornejo

14 April 2014 | By Andrew Ayers

Combining accommodation for young workers and immigrants in an edge condition in Paris, this apartment block goes beyond its basic brief to provide a civilising backdrop for daily life

morphosis index

Cut and Print: Emerson College, Los Angeles by Morphosis Subscription

1 April 2014 | By

Drawing on the history and typology of its Hollywood milieu, Morphosis’s new media college abstracts and synthesises ideas about surface, space and social connectivity in an ambitiously scaled urban stage set

holl index

Reid Bulding, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow by Steven Holl Subscription

1 April 2014 | By Richard Weston

Despite trenchant criticism, Steven Holl’s Reid Building emerges as an open armature for creative encounter at the Glasgow School of Art


Cardboard Cathedral by Shigeru Ban in Christchurch, New Zealand

24 March 2014 | By Andrew Barrie

Rising from the ruins: Shigeru Ban’s temporary structure speaks hope after the disasterous Christchurch earthquake


Centre Pompidou-Metz by Shigeru Ban Architects & Jean de Gastines Architectes, France

24 March 2014 | By Will Hunter

The compromised concept of the Pompidu’s new outpost in Metz fails to impress


Container Art in Santa Monica by Shigeru Ban

24 March 2014

Shigeru Ban’s inventive yet frugal Nomadic Museum berths on the Santa Monica beachfront



Tropical Modernism: Fry and Drew's African Experiment

4 July 2014 | By Iain Jackson

Iain Jackson looks back at the AR’s 1953 coverage of Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew’s projects in West Africa - its first appearance as a coherent body of work


Opera Index

Typology Quarterly: Opera Houses

25 October 2013 | By

Since its birth in the Renaissance, opera has been claimed as a reincarnation of community-forming Greek drama, while being used to represent the power of the state - whether feudal, dictatorial or democratic


Typology Quarterly: Museums

19 December 2012 | By Antonello Marotta


Typology Quarterly: Offices

24 July 2012 | By Philip Ross

Conceived in an era of command and control, constrained by paper and fixed technology, reflective of hierarchy and order with a culture of presenteeism and paternalism, the traditional fixed and stratified office is evolving to embrace more fluid and intuitive ways of working

Patients at St Bartholomew\'s Hospital, Lodnon in 1929 being wheeled out in their beds

Typology Quarterly: Hospitals

27 April 2012 | By Sunand Prasad

Ancient civilisation advocated letting the wider world’s healing power flow through the body and mind, but the industrialisation of healthcare isolated patients from these larger contexts. From city centres to sylvan settings, today’s hospitals must reintegrate the public realm into the healing process

Jan Steen, A School for Boys and Girls, c.1670

Typology Quarterly: Schools Subscription

29 March 2012 | By Christian Kuhn

In the industrial era, schools developed as highly controlled environments to instil the discipline to thrive in a machine age. Now, to prepare pupils for success in a knowledge economy, the evolving typology is more fluidly conceived to provide flexibility, connectivity, and spaces for social and educational encounters



Lethbridge University: The Spaceship-like Prairie School Comes of Age

13 February 2014 | By Hadani Ditmars

In the late 1960s, Arthur Erickson’s heroic campus for the University of Lethbridge in Alberta emerged from the coulées of the Canadian prairie. Assailed by insensitive additions of intervening decades, a new masterplan promises renewal



31 January 2013

Two office buildings in Sacramento, California. The Bateson Building, completed in 1978, and the Lincoln Center in 1986 take different approaches to environmental concerns, using concrete, organic materials and an unusual air-conditioning system

Marl Primary School

Learning from Scharoun's Marl School Subscription

23 October 2012 | By Peter Blundell Jones

Scharoun’s school in the mining town of Marl has been saved from demolition and is being converted for use as a music school, preserving a pioneering facet of his contribution to the fabric of postwar Germany