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China Art Academy in Hangzhou by Amateur Architecture Studio Subscription

23 November 2015 | By Michael Webb

[Archive] The campus for China’s leading art school is richly nuanced


‘At every turn, Isozaki's CAFA's play of curves draws you forward’ Subscription

19 November 2015 | By Michael Webb

[Archive] Arata Isozaki brings Japanese rigour and sensuality to a new art museum


‘This was a romantic art with mountain peaks of fantastic shapes and cloud-capped terraces’ Subscription

19 November 2015 | By Basel Grey

Although landscape was long the primary theme of Chinese painting, the role of architectural depictions was an incredibly important one


‘These mournful years, unproductive of building, were, however, productive of thought’ Subscription

10 November 2015 | By Charles Chen

In the early twentieth century, China’s period of modernisation was also one of ‘foreignisation’


‘Nowhere is the Chinese counter-revolution more apparent’ Subscription

5 November 2015 | By Michael Webb

China’s growing market for contemporary art has spawned an equally revolutionary crop of new buildings


‘Always and everywhere the mystic sense of a community with nature makes its influence felt’ Subscription

4 November 2015 | By Sir John Pratt

In 1947, Sir John Pratt documents his grand journey across China


Chinese Architectural Theory Subscription

3 November 2015 | By Charles Chen

The pattern of Chinese life is made up of the formalities of Confucianism and the informalities of Taoism. It is in the house that the demands of the former are satisifed


National Stadium in Beijing by Herzog and de Meuron Subscription

2 November 2015 | By Michael Webb

‘For China, the Games were seen as a coming-out party that demanded a worthy symbol’


‘Quantity is rarely matched by quality’ Subscription

28 October 2015 | By Michael Webb

Back in 2008, China’s focus on rapid expansion left architecture in the slipstream


Cast in Iron: New York's structural heritage Subscription

26 October 2015 | By W. Knight Sturges

The cast-iron facade gave a character to the street architecture of New York that it would be poorer without


New Hall in Cambridge by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon Subscription

23 September 2015

[Archive] Ferro ciomento domes and exposed brick and concrete create a striking series of spaces


‘Few buildings match the Sackler for sheer spectacle and power’ Subscription

16 September 2015 | By Gary Wolf

Sackler Museum extension at Harvard University by Stirling and Wilford

Chicago Flowering Grid

‘Ornament has always flowered in Chicago’ Subscription

2 September 2015 | By Tom Beeby

[Archive] Ornament could offer the key to a new flowering of architectural expression


Outrage: The birth of Subtopia will be the death of us Subscription

26 August 2015 | By Ian Nairn

[Archive] Ian Nairn’s seminal polemic against banal suburban development


White flight, red lining, block busting and panic peddling Subscription

13 August 2015 | By Nory Miller

[Archive] Chicago’s poor make plain the social responsibilities of the architecture industry

DAvid Adler Design 1929

Chicago in the age of the apartment Subscription

11 August 2015 | By John Craib-Cox

[Archive] The evolution of Chicago’s apartment blocks


How Chicago, prototype of the modern city, was born Subscription

13 July 2015

[Archive] Chicago’s phenomenal growth is the great urban romance of the modern world


Tiananmen Square: the history of the world's largest paved square Subscription

13 November 2015

Drawing its symbolic strength from its foregrounding of the people, Tiananmen Square is the architectural void at the core of the urban transformation of Beijing, from ancient imperial city to new socialist capital


‘Revolutions are made when certain ends cannot be achieved in any other way’ Subscription

7 September 2015 | By Nikolaus Pevsner, J. M. Richards, Osbert Lancaster, H. De C. Hastings

In this rare self-reflection on the work of the architectural journal, the editors of the AR take a retrospective view of all the factors that shaped it over the previous 50 years


‘Camino Nuevo has become a positive, stabilizing presence in the neighbourhood’ Subscription

12 August 2015 | By Catherine Slessor

[Archive] Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in Los Angeles by Daly Genik Architects


‘It shows freedom within stylistic constraints’ Subscription

11 August 2015 | By Val K. Warke

[Archive] Cornell University Performing Arts Centre in Ithaca by Stirling and Wilford


‘The club has helped to revive Akron’s social and economic fortunes’ Subscription

10 August 2015 | By Catherine Slessor

[Archive] Akron Boys and Girls Club in Alabama by Rural Studio


Architects sought work before the ashes of the World Trade Center were even cold’ Subscription

7 August 2015 | By Edward Robbins, Paula Deitz

[Archive] On redesigning Ground Zero


‘The world of little human ants teems round their bases’ Subscription

4 August 2015

[Archive] As skyscrapers grow ever taller, how can they sensitively meet the street?

Casa Jax by Rick Joy

‘The house is a trio of boxes in a grove of saguaros and ocotillo’ Subscription

3 August 2015 | By Catherine Slessor

[Archive] Cas a Jax in Tuscan by Rick Joy Architects


‘Holl says this is space-making rather than object building, but it is in fact both’ Subscription

3 August 2015 | By Annette Le Cuyer

The Chapel of St Ignatius in Seattle by Steven Holl Architects


‘Whether something more human might have been possible cannot be decided by a foreign critic’ Subscription

3 August 2015 | By Walter D. Binger

East River Drive in New York


Thermal Baths in Vals, Switzerland by Peter Zumthor Subscription

1 August 2015 | By Raymund Ryan

[Archive] Thermal Baths in Vals, Switzerland by Peter Zumthor


‘Stacks of redundant carpet tiles are used to construct walls’ Subscription

30 July 2015 | By Catherine Slessor

Lucy’s House in Alabama by Rural Studio


‘The house is the entree to practice for US architects’ Subscription

30 July 2015 | By Brian Carter, Annette Lecuyer

[ARCHIVE] For emerging US architects, the house sponsors investigation into new architectural practices


Housing at East Hanningfield, Essex by James Gowan Subscription

24 June 2015 | By Lance Wright, James Gowan

[ARCHIVE] James Gowan’s distnctive monopitch housing in Essex playfully enhances ‘cost yardstick’ housing


Swimming Pool in Hampstead by James Gowan Subscription

23 June 2015

[ARCHIVE] Like a glass UFO alongside Hampstead Heath, Gowan’s swimming pool is both graceful and technically striking


Flats at Ham Common by Stirling and Gowan Subscription

23 June 2015

[ARCHIVE] Brick walls carrying bare concrete slabs create a rich mixture of rough and smooth in one of Stirling and Gowan’s first joint projects

Yamashita\'s Face House

Face House in Kyoto, Japan by Kazumasa Yamashita Subscription

23 June 2015

[ARCHIVE] Face House humanised a dreary street in downtown Kyoto


Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly in Bhopal, India by Charles Correa Subscription

14 June 2015

[ARCHIVE] Charles Correa’s Assembly complex is an amalgam of elements from history intricately woven together without kitsch


Belapur Housing in Navi Mumbai, India by Charles Correa Subscription

14 June 2015

[ARCHIVE] This new housing scheme at Belapur offers hope for New Bombay, a city first promoted by Correa and a group of colleagues in the 1960s


Nehru Memorial Museum in Jaipur, India by Charles Correa Subscription

14 June 2015

[ARCHIVE] Correa’s plan is based on a Vastupurusha mandala as described in the ancient Vedic text


Crafts Museum in Delhi, India by Charles Correa Subscription

14 June 2015 | By Robert Powell

[ARCHIVE] Correa reinterprets the timeless quality of India into a building which resists the obvious western label of museum.


New Bodleian Library in Oxford by Giles Gilbert Scott Subscription

4 June 2015 | By JM Richards

Archive: October 1940. Editor JM Richards, under the pseudonym James MacQueady, provides sharp criticism of Gilbert Scott’s New Bodleian Library


Flats at Rio de Janeiro by Lucio Costa Subscription

29 May 2015

[ARCHIVE] Without spoiling the beauty of the park, a residential quarter was to be built putting into practice modern principles of architecture and town planning


Bank Headquarters in Buenos Aires by Clorindo Testa Subscription

22 May 2015

Archive: the winning proposal broke away from the accepted pattern of bank design and made no concession to the conservatism of commercial architecture in Argentina


Church at Atlantida, Uruguay, by Eladio Dieste Subscription

22 May 2015

Archive: Dieste’s undulating brick walls were originally published in the AR in September 1961


Housing in the USA by IM Pei & Associates Subscription

14 May 2015 | By James Marston Fitch

Archive: a series of housing projects constituted the early works of the then newly founded IM Pei & Associates


AR Archive, April 1947: Theatre at Malmö by Lallerstedt, Lewerentz and Helldén Subscription

12 May 2015 | By Arla Breithel

In this study from the AR Archive, Arla Breithel visits Lewerentz’s 1944 functionalist masterpiece


1990 December: A Primer for the Prince Subscription

21 February 2015 | By Peter Davey

In this feature from the AR Archive, Peter Davey responds to the Prince of Wales, arguing that all of his Ten Principles can be fulfilled within Modernism


Lubetkin in Russia: From civil war-ravaged USSR to Socialist Realism Subscription

9 October 2014 | By Owen Hatherley

Lifelong Marxist and proletarian architect Berthold Lubetkin shed light on all things Russian, critically presenting the stories of avant-garde Soviet architecture, Constructivism and Socialist Realism to the rest of the world


The Importance of Being Ernö: Goldfinger from wooden toys to 'spatial feeling' Subscription

9 September 2014 | By James Dunnett

Ernö Goldfinger’s AR articles formed the first verbal articulation of his architecture’s marked and expressive spatial feeling


Overcrowding and Oversprawl Subscription

16 August 2014 | By Elizabeth Darling

Elizabeth Darling looks back at Elizabeth Denby’s use of the AR as a mouthpiece for her hard-hitting campaign with the Kensington Housing Association


Tropical Modernism: Fry and Drew's African Experiment Subscription

4 July 2014 | By Iain Jackson

Iain Jackson looks back at the AR’s 1953 coverage of Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew’s projects in West Africa - its first appearance as a coherent body of work

Kenneth Clark Index

Kenneth Clark: Lord of Civilisation Subscription

19 June 2014 | By Ayla Lepine

Kenneth Clark’s contributions to the AR implored readers to become critical observers of the architectural modernity around them

Previous issues


December 2015, 1426. Volume CCXXXVIII Subscription

25 November 2015

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November 2015, 1425. Volume CCXXXVIII Subscription

28 October 2015

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October 2015, 1424. Volume CCXXXVIII Subscription

25 September 2015

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The Big Rethink

The Big Rethink in Full Subscription

24 September 2015

Read Peter Buchanan’s campaign in its entirety


September 2015, 1423. Volume CCXXXVIII Subscription

24 August 2015

Click To View: Ornament | Baukuh | Fat + Grayson Perry | Renzo Piano | Monadnock | OMA | Typology: Tombs | Voysey


August 2015, 1422. Volume CCXXXVIII Subscription

31 July 2015

Click to View: UNITED STATES: Renzo Piano | Studio Gang Architects | David Adjaye | Shigeru Ban | Michael Maltzan | Typology: Swimming Pools | Colin Rowe


July 2015, 1421. Volume CCXXXVIII Subscription

3 July 2015

Click to view: AR HOUSE awards 2015 David Chipperfield | Ryo Matsui | Dekleva Gregoric | Alberto Campo Baeza | Mount Fuji Architects Studio | Tropical Space

The AR June 2015 Latinoamérica

June 2015, 1420. Volume CCXXXVII Subscription

1 June 2015

Click to view Latin America in construction | Grafton Architects | Vigliecca | Juan Pablo Ortiz | Freddy Mamani | Smiljan Radic | Pezo von Ellrichshausen


May 2015, 1419. Volume CCXXXVII Subscription

1 May 2015

Click to view: Reinier de Graaf on Capitalism | Renato Rizzi | Thomas Heatherwick | Luciano Pia | David Best & Artichoke | Frei Otto | Playboy


April 2015, 1418. Volume CCXXXVII Subscription

1 April 2015

Click to view: Humanplan | Kengo Kuma | Barozzi Veiga | Büro Ole Scheeren / OMA | Jencks on Graves | Ecological Urbanism | Shigeru Ban


March 2015, 1417. Volume CCXXXVII Subscription

1 March 2015

Click to view: Standard Architecture | Valerio Olgiati | Selgas Cano | Toni Gironès | Jencks on style | Farshid Moussavi | Henry van de Velde


February 2015, 1416. Volume CCXXXVII Subscription

4 February 2015

Click to enlarge: Álvaro Siza | Jonathan Woolf | Fermín Vázquez | Selgas Cano | Richard Neutra


January 2015, 1415. Volume CCXXXVII Subscription

1 January 2015

Click to view: DRDH | MVRDV | Jamie Fobert | Anttinen Oiva | Charles and Ray Eames | HRH The Prince of Wales

Education Issue 2014

Education Issue 2014 Subscription

15 December 2014

Click to view: Global Architecture Graduate Awards | Essays and Research Papers Click ...


December 2014, 1414. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

1 December 2014

Click to view: Emerging Architecture

November 2014, 1413

November 2014, 1413. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

12 November 2014

Click to view: Frank Gehry | Neutelings Riedijk | BCQ Arquitectura | Giancarlo Mazzanti | Big Rethink Revisited | Paul Rudolph | AR @ Soane


October 2014, 1412. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

27 October 2014

Click to view: Atelier Deshaus | Peter Hübner | Lederer Ragnasdóttir Oei | Lütjens Padmanabhan | Troubles in Theory VI | Buckminster Fuller


September 2014, 1411. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

5 September 2014

Click to view: RCR | Duggan Morris | Luis Laplace | Vidler on Tschumi | Jencks on Stirling Wilford | Goldfinger House | Richard Rogers


August 2014, 1410. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

6 August 2014

Click to view: Emre Arolat | Caruso St John & Bosshard Vaquer | Herzog & de Meuron | Monoblock | Mies van der Rohe | Bernini


July 2014, 1409. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

28 July 2014

Click to view: AR House Awards | Venice Biennale: Jencks, Koolhaas, Coates | Archive: Jane Drew


June 2014, 1408. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

28 July 2014

Click to view: Herzog & De Meuron | Johan Celsing | Haworth Tompkins | 9/11 Memorial Museum | Michael Sorkin | Farshid Moussavi Interview


May 2014, 1407. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

14 May 2014

Click to view: Zaha Hadid | Crab Studio | Stephen Taylor | Saurbruch Hutton | O&O Baukunst | Painting and Architecture


April 2014, 1406. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

14 April 2014

Click to view: Morphosis | Steven Holl | Bjarke Ingels Group | Pneumatic Structures | Iwan Baan | AR Archive 

March 2014 Cover

March 2014, 1405. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

28 March 2014


February 2014, 1404. Volume CCXXXV Subscription

11 February 2014

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January 2014, 1403. Volume CCXXXV Subscription

13 January 2014


December 2013, 1402. Volume CCXXXIV Subscription

10 January 2014


November 2013, 1401. Volume CCXXXIV Subscription

19 November 2013


October 2013, 1400. Volume CCXXXIV Subscription

16 October 2013

September Cover

September 2013, 1399. Volume CCXXXIV Subscription

30 August 2013

August Cover

August 2013, 1398. Volume CCXXXIII Subscription

31 July 2013


July 2013, 1397. Volume CCXXXIV Subscription

2 July 2013


The AR: USA Sample Issue Subscription

29 May 2013


The AR: Japan Sample Issue Subscription

29 May 2013


The AR: China Sample Issue Subscription

29 May 2013


The AR: Spain Sample Issue Subscription

29 May 2013


June 2013, 1396. Volume CCXXXIII Subscription

29 May 2013


May 2013, 1395. Volume CCXXXIII Subscription

1 May 2013


April 2013, 1394. VOLUME CCXXXIII Subscription

27 March 2013


March 2013, 1393. VOLUME CCXXXIII Subscription

28 February 2013


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6 February 2013


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22 November 2012

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2 October 2012


The Architectural Review China Issue Subscription

28 August 2012


August 2012, 1386. Volume CCXXXII Subscription

25 July 2012


July 2012, 1385. Volume CCXXXII Subscription

18 June 2012

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June 2012, 1383. Volume CCXXXI Subscription

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MAY 2012, 1383. VOLUME CCXXXI Subscription

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