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Bank Headquarters in Buenos Aires by Clorindo Testa Subscription

22 May 2015

Archive: the winning proposal broke away from the accepted pattern of bank design and made no concession to the conservatism of commercial architecture in Argentina


Church at Atlantida, Uruguay, by Eladio Dieste Subscription

22 May 2015

Archive: Dieste’s undulating brick walls were originally published in the AR in September 1961


Housing in the USA by IM Pei & Associates Subscription

14 May 2015 | By James Marston Fitch

Archive: a series of housing projects constituted the early works of the then newly founded IM Pei & Associates


AR Archive, April 1947: Theatre at Malmö by Lallerstedt, Lewerentz and Helldén Subscription

12 May 2015 | By Arla Breithel

In this study from the AR Archive, Arla Breithel visits Lewerentz’s 1944 functionalist masterpiece


1990 December: A Primer for the Prince Subscription

21 February 2015 | By Peter Davey

In this feature from the AR Archive, Peter Davey responds to the Prince of Wales, arguing that all of his Ten Principles can be fulfilled within Modernism


Lubetkin in Russia: From civil war-ravaged USSR to Socialist Realism Subscription

9 October 2014 | By Owen Hatherley

Lifelong Marxist and proletarian architect Berthold Lubetkin shed light on all things Russian, critically presenting the stories of avant-garde Soviet architecture, Constructivism and Socialist Realism to the rest of the world


The Importance of Being Ernö: Goldfinger from wooden toys to 'spatial feeling' Subscription

9 September 2014 | By James Dunnett

Ernö Goldfinger’s AR articles formed the first verbal articulation of his architecture’s marked and expressive spatial feeling


Overcrowding and Oversprawl Subscription

16 August 2014 | By Elizabeth Darling

Elizabeth Darling looks back at Elizabeth Denby’s use of the AR as a mouthpiece for her hard-hitting campaign with the Kensington Housing Association


Tropical Modernism: Fry and Drew's African Experiment Subscription

4 July 2014 | By Iain Jackson

Iain Jackson looks back at the AR’s 1953 coverage of Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew’s projects in West Africa - its first appearance as a coherent body of work

Kenneth Clark Index

Kenneth Clark: Lord of Civilisation Subscription

19 June 2014 | By Ayla Lepine

Kenneth Clark’s contributions to the AR implored readers to become critical observers of the architectural modernity around them

Ian Nairn outside Westminster Abbey, London. Photo: Architectural Press Archive / RIBA Library Photographs Collection

Ian Nairn: The Pioneer of Outrage Subscription

27 May 2014 | By Steve Parnell

A look back at the work of the angry and passionate Ian Nairn, the outspoken critic of England’s ‘subtopian’ demise

Reyner Banham

Reyner Banham: The New Brutalism Subscription

15 May 2014 | By Reyner Banham

In his seminal 1955 essay Architectural Critic Reyner Banham attempts to codify the then emerging architectural movement of Brutalism


December 1988: Complexes of Hans Hollein Subscription

12 May 2014 | By Peter Davey

Hans Hollein’s career started in Vienna with very small projects and a series of artworks and exhibition designs which focused world attention. In this Archive piece from 1988, Peter Davey looks at Hollein’s first two sizeable buildings in his native city. 

Museum Roof

December 1982: Stirling and Hollein Subscription

12 May 2014 | By , Jonathan Glancey

Peter Cook enthuses over Hans Hollein’s Mönchengladbach museum and James Stirling’s Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart while Jonathan Glancey takes a more in-depth look at Hollein’s project in this piece from the AR Archive

index musique concrete

September 1990: Musique Concrete by Edward Cullinan Architects Subscription

8 April 2014 | By Peter Davey

Now under threat of demolition, we revisit the AR’s original coverage of the RMC international headquarters, one of Edward Cullinan Architects’ finest buildings


January 2002: Sarah Wigglesworth Architects' Straw Bale House

6 March 2014 | By Peter Davey

Witty, imaginative and sustainable, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects bring a smile to a neglected north London site


Jane Drew's work with Fry, Drew & Partners

6 March 2014

A look back at a 1962 feature on three projects involving Jane Drew, the British Modernist whose first office had the idea of only empoloying women 


Eileen Gray: Pioneer of Design, December 1972

6 March 2014 | By Joseph Rykwert

Joseph Rykwert introduces the work of Eileen Gray in this piece from December 1972, prior to the opening of an exhibition of her work at the Heinz Gallery


Interview with Charlotte Perriand Subscription

6 March 2014 | By Martin Meade, Charlotte Ellis

Charlotte Ellis and Martin Meade interview Charlotte Perriand on her long and illustrious career from the AR’s November 1984 issue


Manplan: The Bravest Moment in Architectural Publishing Subscription

3 March 2014 | By Steve Parnell

In September 1969, the Architectural Review launched the brave and hard-hitting Manplan. Today, this dark humanist manifesto still strikes a chord in the debate of architecture’s social responsibilities


In praise of advertising Subscription

5 February 2014 | By Steve Parnell

The innovative proposals by the Glass Age Committee, ranging from inhabited structures spanning across the Thames to the regeneration of entire neighbourhoods in British cities, were published in the AR as advertisements for manufacturers’ products between 1938 and 1963

Troubles in Theory V

Troubles in Theory V: The Brutalist Moment(s) Subscription

30 January 2014 | By Anthony Vidler

From the Smithsons’ claim to have originally coined the term, to its alleged incarnation in the béton brut of Le Corbusier’s Unités, the provenance of New Brutalism, seen as a corrective to ‘soft’ Modernism, is as problematic as what it stood for: ethic or aesthetic?


1983 November: Michael Graves' Portland Building Subscription

20 January 2014 | By Lance Knobel

Now facing the threat of demolition, the AR recalls a time when Graves’ project was set to become ‘Portland’s Eiffel Tower’  


Building Seagram: A Memoir of Mies and Modernism Subscription

24 September 2013 | By Anthony Vidler

Phyllis Lambert's compelling and incisive account of the commissioning, design and construction of the Seagram Building is both a critical history and personal memoir of a pivotal moment in architecture


2002 February: The American Museum of Folk Art Subscription

10 May 2013 | By Penny McGuire

A museum of folk art in Manhattan forms a luminous backdrop for its exhibits


February 1976: Hertzberger's Framework for Care Subscription

22 April 2013 | By Sutherland Lyall

Sutherland Lyall explores the inner workings of open community living for the elderly without the clinical aesthetics of a hospital, but instead beginning with a bare concrete structure 


1962 October: Royal College of Art

6 March 2013

As the Royal College of Art continues its campus expansion south of the Thames, the AR looks back to its original coverage of the groundbreaking Darwin Building on Kensington Gore

Oscar Neimeyer’s Museum of Contemporary Art in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro

Museum of Contemporary Art in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro by Oscar Niemeyer Subscription

13 December 2012 | By Luis Oliveira

Archive: In April 1999 Luis Oliveira examined Niemeyer’s flying saucer, seemingly poised for take-off on the edge of the water


1989 July: Whats wrong with architectural education? Almost everything Subscription

31 October 2012 | By

Peter Buchanan critiques the state of architectural education, claiming it is neither current or credible ” not only have curricula not been revised and extended accordingly, most schools now fail even to impart adequately such traditionally crucial skills as an understanding of construction”

Marl Primary School: Assembly hall

March 1975: Late works of Scharoun Subscription

25 October 2012 | By Peter Blundell Jones

Hans Scharoun’s architectural reputation is re examined by Peter Blundell Jones, focusing on three programmatically innovative schools designed late in his career.


1954 April: C20 Picturesque, Nikolaus Pevsner Subscription

5 September 2012 | By Nikolaus Pevsner

Nikolaus Pevsner defends the AR’s promotion of the Picturesque; ‘The first feeling-your-way theory of art in European history and far the greatest contribution England has made to aesthetic theory”


1930 June: Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Catalonia Subscription

25 July 2012 | By Evelyn Waugh

AR’s inter-war discoveries of Gaudi’s buildings in Barcelona and the state of “the great Church of the Holy Family”


2004 January: Sitting Pretty, 'Sitooterie' by Thomas Heatherwick Subscription

2 July 2012 | By Catherine Slessor

This spiky pavilion in the landscape is a highly ingenious exploration of form and materials


1993 April: Mies' miraculous survivor, Villa Tugendhat Subscription

20 June 2012

The house that Mies van der Rohe built for Grete and Fritz Tugendhat in Brno, Czechoslovakia, has endured the attentions of the worst regimes of the twentieth century. The restored villa reflects the robust, enduring nature of the original design and construction.


2005 December: Rolling Bridge, London by Thomas Heatherwick Studio Subscription

18 June 2012 | By Rob Gregory, James Pickard

A new footbridge animates Paddington’s still waters.


1989 August: Parc de la Villette by Bernard Tschumi Architects Subscription

7 June 2012 | By Peter Blundell Jones

La Villette is a Grand Project with enormous cultural pretensions: it is supposed to be nothing less than the first piece of Deconstructivist architecture. Bernard Tschumi’s aim has been to create a park which has no coherent meaning: one that can be experienced by each visitor in a unique way. Peter Blundell Jones, while respecting the intentions, questions whether they are achievable in a culture which retains shared perceptions


1961 May: Psychiatric Institute Milan by Vittorio Vigano Subscription

9 May 2012

A functionalist approach to a challenging brief is resolved in this unintentionally Brutalist hospital

Women\'s Library

The Women's Library by Wright & Wright, London Subscription

9 May 2012 | By Catherine Slessor

On the site of a Victorian public baths, a new library and archive illuminates women’s lives and is a model of good practice in environmental regulation


1990 April: Platform Houses in Katsuura, Japan by Kazuyo Sejima Subscription

27 April 2012

Houses as neutral enclosures for transitory human activities, this is what Kazuyo Sejima wanted to create in her platform houses: but their reality is a great deal more imbued with presence

Digital Media, Urban Spaces and Social Movements


24 April 2012 | By Merlyna Lim

Digital media plays an important role in the galvanisation of social movements, says social scientist Merlyna Lim, but can it ever supplant urban space?


1994 February: Henri Ciriani's Antiquities Musem, Arles, France Subscription

24 April 2012 | By Raymund Ryan

Henri Ciriani’s new antiquities museum at Arles in southern France boldly reinterprets and extends the spatial disciplines of the Corbusian Modernist inheritance in a sensually stunning interaction of light, form and colour

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944). Composition with Double Line and Yellow, 1932. Oil on canvas 45.3 x 45.3 cm. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh © 2012 Mondrian/ Holtzman Trust c/o HCR International Washington DC


24 April 2012 | By Jessica Kelly

This exhibition at The Courtauld Gallery explores the relationship between Piet Mondrian and Ben Nicholson

Iran’s Alborz mountains have escaped the rampant chaotic demolition and development widespread in the rest of the country

View from Iran Subscription

24 April 2012 | By Dr Nasrine Faghih

In a country blighted by mass urbanisation and mediocre planning, Iran’s mountain villages retain a strong sense of vernacular identity

A retail unit is transformed into a rounded caravan swathed in Moroccan-Moorish colours

1989 January: Retreats of Fashion Subscription

3 April 2012 | By Adrian Dannatt

In the fickle world of fashion retailing, the interior is merely a marketing tool, however noble the aspirations of the designer. Seasonal changes have sparked a startling change of style in the Katharine Hamnett stores. Adrian Dannatt compares the contrasting architectural responses to new demands in three of her shops; one by Foster and two by Nigel Coates

Pancho Guedes

Pancho Guedes

27 March 2012 | By

To his friends, colleagues and pupils Pancho Guedes is a unique source of creative inspiration and wisdom


Obituary: Luis Moreno Mansilla Subscription

27 March 2012 | By William JR Curtis

William JR Curtis pays tribute to the renowned Spanish architect


A message to China Subscription

27 March 2012 | By Michael Webb

Wang Shu, the Chinese recipient of the 2012 Pritzker Prize, is a champion of architectural heritage in a country that has erased much of its built past


Tetrarc's collective housing scheme in Nantes, France Subscription

27 March 2012 | By Andrew Ayers

Gabled roofs, green allotments and glazed winter gardens give this social housing in Nantes a welcome and liveable atmosphere

Card model by Horikosi

Pedagogy: University Of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

27 March 2012 | By Matthew Barac

Matthew Barac reports on adaptations Japanese architecture schools are implementing in the wake of recent natural disasters

Hans-Christian Schink

Hans-Christian Schink's latest exhibition Subscription

27 March 2012 | By Andrew Mead, Jessica Kelly

From the surfaces of sheds to the complexities of the solar system: a beautiful collection of Hans-Christian Schink’s photographs

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