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Blurred Lines: The UIA Congress in Durban, South Africa

26 August 2014 | By

An irrepressible commitment to architecture which bridges divisions and addresses social concerns across the Global South and beyond defined the 2014 UIA congress in Durban reports Phineas Harper


Beton Doux: Concrete Silos in Paris by vialet.ballus

26 August 2014 | By Andrew Ayers

On the edge of Paris, a utilitarian complex of cement silos is elevated into a sculptural composition that animates a dreary and dislocated urban enclave


Growing Panes: Stained Glass in Identity Crisis?

18 August 2014 | By

Long one of modern architecture’s triumvirate of materials, glass’ capacity for narrative and meaning, faced with a world of digitised fabrication, stands at a critical junction


Overcrowding and Oversprawl

16 August 2014 | By Elizabeth Darling

Elizabeth Darling looks back at Elizabeth Denby’s use of the AR as a mouthpiece for her hard-hitting campaign with the Kensington Housing Association


Sporting Chance: Gymnasium in Brazil by Herzog & de Meuron

15 August 2014 | By Jonathan Glancey

Embedded in a tough Brazilian favela, a new sports centre catalyses actions and ideas about social cohesion and civility

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Enough Slum Porn: The Global North’s Fetishisation of Poverty Architecture must End

12 August 2014 | By Dan Hancox

Heralded as interesting architects and creative urbanists, the desperation-driven inhabitants of slums have lost their voice amid Western ‘beneficence’

Architects do it with models

Architects do it with models: the history of architecture in 16 models Video

25 February 2014 | By

From a generator of ideas or a communication tool to a miniature utopia, the rich history of architectural models shows how they have developed with methods and technologies


21 Cartoons Lovingly Poking Fun at Architecture School

22 January 2014 | By

This set of cartoons, drawn by former head of the Bartlett Peter Cook, offers witty insights into the curious world of architectural education


Mies: Behind the Smoke Screen

8 August 2014 | By Spyros Papapetros

A major new monograph on Mies by the late Detlef Mertins seeks the enigma behind the cigar


It's a Small World, After All Subscription

17 June 2014 | By

Nicholas Olsberg reflects on the history of the now rehabilitated Ground Zero site through the story of Minoru Yamasaki’s World Trade Center

Why Criticsm Matters

Critical Mass: Why Architectural Criticism Matters

28 May 2014 | By Michael Sorkin

By seeing beyond the glittering novelty of form, it is criticism's role to assess and promote the positive effects architecture can bring to society and the wider world


Limbo Architecture: Painters of Modernism Subscription

16 May 2014 | By

Interpreted by painters in many different ways, Modernism continues to be a compelling subject matter and muse that encourages artists to go beyond notions of simple representation and instead seek to evoke something more profound