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Light of Tomorrow: Velux Award 2014 Winners Announced Subscription

31 October 2014

Overwhelmed by the number and diversity of entries, the winners of the 2014 Velux Award for Students of Architecture have been announced


Constructing positions: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age Subscription

30 October 2014 | By Jack Self

Although featuring many incredible artists, the Barbican’s Constructing Worlds fails to be thought-provoking because of its lack of curational direction, says Jack Self


Umbrella urbanism: Hong Kong protests Subscription

28 October 2014 | By John Lin

Weeks of unrest by Hong Kong’s democracy campaigners has met with intransigent opposition from the government, while producing new experiences of the city’s spaces, writes John Lin


Carte Blanche: Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, France, by Gehry Partners Subscription

27 October 2014 | By

Tumescently emerging from the Bois de Boulogne, Frank Gehry's new Fondation Louis Vuitton is an architecture of perpetual indulgence


Architecture & Water Documentary: Part 2 - Gentrification machine? Video Subscription

27 October 2014 | By ,

The second chapter in a three-part documentary about water’s relationship with the built environment

Africa: Latest

The AR's recent coverage from around Africa


Ebola Epidemic: What can Architecture do? Subscription

Architect Killian Doherty’s practice in Sierra Leone is one of many affected by the Ebola outbreak. Here he reflects on the limits of architectural power against an immaterial enemy


Buffer zones and golf estates: Do we really need more Garden Cities? Subscription

From the Palestinian West Bank to apartheid townships the Garden City model has been continuously twisted into suburban anomalies across the globe


Blurred Lines: The UIA Congress in Durban, South Africa Subscription

An irrepressible commitment to architecture which bridges divisions and addresses social concerns across the Global South and beyond defined the 2014 UIA congress in Durban reports Phineas Harper


Jane Drew

Shrouded in rumours of misdemenour and spying, Jane Drew’s life was richly packed with exciting opportunities and mayor projects

The Roman Singularity

The Roman Singularity by Adam Nathaniel Furman

Rome Prize for Architecture 2014 awarded to Adam Nathaniel Furman Subscription

23 September 2014

The British Academy has selected Furman’s ‘The Roman Singularity’ as winning proposal for this year’s Rome Prize for Architecture


Troubles in Theory Part VI: From Utopia to Heterotopia Subscription

3 October 2014 | By Anthony Vidler

The sixth instalment in the series turns to the theory of ‘space’ as it was reinterpreted from its Modernist origins to serve political analysis and practice, and focuses on the work and influence of Michel Foucault


Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't: What is the Moral Duty of the Architect? Subscription

22 September 2014 | By

Architects are ridiculed if they take a moral position, and attacked if they don’t. What, then, in the 21st century, is ‘the duty of the architect’?


Style is the Man: Charles Jencks Subscription

12 September 2014 | By

A new monograph on the late works of James Stirling and Michael Wilford prompts some reflections on the role of style and meaning in architecture


After the Event: Bernard Tschumi Retrospective at the Pompidou Centre Subscription

3 September 2014 | By Anthony Vidler

The recent retrospective on Bernard Tschumi at the Pompidou Centre provided a compelling analysis of a career spanning over 45 years - and ultimately reveals the architect’s unique integration of theory and practice



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October 2014, 1412. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

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July 2014, 1409. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

Click to view: AR House Awards | Venice Biennale: Jencks, Koolhaas, Coates | Archive: Jane Drew


June 2014, 1408. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

Click to view: Herzog & De Meuron | Johan Celsing | Haworth Tompkins | 9/11 Memorial Museum | Michael Sorkin | Farshid Moussavi Interview


May 2014, 1407. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

Click to view: Zaha Hadid | Crab Studio | Stephen Taylor | Saurbruch Hutton | O&O Baukunst | Painting and Architecture


April 2014, 1406. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

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