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Casa Malaparte

If Form didn't follow Finance: Think Space/Money Unconference and Publication Subscription

20 October 2014 | By Shumi Bose

Wiping out the capitalist paradigm to question the potential evolution of our cities and the architect’s future role in a world without money inevitably leads to an inconclusive publication


Stirling Prize Winner: Everyman Theatre in Liverpool by Haworth Tompkins critiqued Subscription

16 October 2014 | By Brian Hatton

Intimate yet epic, Liverpool's famous Everyman Theatre has a striking new home that thrives on indeterminacy and is a crucible for experimentation

Everyman Theatre

Haworth Tompkins' Everyman Theatre Wins the 2014 Stirling Prize Subscription

16 October 2014 | By Brian Hatton

Pipping Renzo Piano, Zaha Hadid and O’Donnell + Tuomey to the post the Everyman Theatre is more than a shallow vanity project


Learning Process: Justus-von-Liebig School, Moers, Germany, by Peter Hubner Subscription

14 October 2014 | By Peter Blundell Jones

Participatory design lies at the heart of Peter Hübner’s practice, and in this new school in Germany it comes into its own as students and teachers collaborated with the architects to create a space of their own


Say hello to ghostmodernity: Keller Easterling's Subtraction Subscription

13 October 2014 | By Alessandro Bava

Now that buildings have been transformed into currency, Easterling argues for demolition as an agent for growth, rather than a symbol of failure, and calls for the contribution of architects to policy-making

Broader Views

Propositional short essays exploring the critical intersection between architecture and another discipline


How tech giant Airbnb is rewriting the rulebook on domestic architecture and fueling a housing crisis

Thanks to the ‘sharing economy’, domestic space is less a private realm than a commodity. Can design make this process work for everyone and not just homeowners and investors, asks Luis Ortega Govela?


Doing Disability Differently

Grounded in compliance, accessibility is rarely seen as a creative starting point for design. Jos Boys argues that rethinking ability and architecture offers a powerful tool to design differently


Scents of Place: The Power of the Olfactory

A historical disdain for the sense of smell diminishes architecture’s experiential potency, says Victoria Henshaw


Lagos: A Model for the 21st Century City

From Lagos to Medellín, the generative energy of dense cities could drive the development of their fragile parent states, reports Seth Kaplan

The Roman Singularity

The Roman Singularity by Adam Nathaniel Furman

Rome Prize for Architecture 2014 awarded to Adam Nathaniel Furman Subscription

23 September 2014

The British Academy has selected Furman’s ‘The Roman Singularity’ as winning proposal for this year’s Rome Prize for Architecture


Troubles in Theory Part VI: From Utopia to Heterotopia Subscription

3 October 2014 | By Anthony Vidler

The sixth instalment in the series turns to the theory of ‘space’ as it was reinterpreted from its Modernist origins to serve political analysis and practice, and focuses on the work and influence of Michel Foucault


Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't: What is the Moral Duty of the Architect? Subscription

22 September 2014 | By

Architects are ridiculed if they take a moral position, and attacked if they don’t. What, then, in the 21st century, is ‘the duty of the architect’?


Style is the Man: Charles Jencks Subscription

12 September 2014 | By

A new monograph on the late works of James Stirling and Michael Wilford prompts some reflections on the role of style and meaning in architecture


After the Event: Bernard Tschumi Retrospective at the Pompidou Centre Subscription

3 September 2014 | By Anthony Vidler

The recent retrospective on Bernard Tschumi at the Pompidou Centre provided a compelling analysis of a career spanning over 45 years - and ultimately reveals the architect’s unique integration of theory and practice



Digital Issue


September 2014, 1411. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

Click to view: RCR | Duggan Morris | Luis Laplace | Vidler on Tschumi | Jencks on Stirling Wilford | Goldfinger House | Richard Rogers



June 2014, 1408. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

Click to view: Herzog & De Meuron | Johan Celsing | Haworth Tompkins | 9/11 Memorial Museum | Michael Sorkin | Farshid Moussavi Interview


May 2014, 1407. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

Click to view: Zaha Hadid | Crab Studio | Stephen Taylor | Saurbruch Hutton | O&O Baukunst | Painting and Architecture


April 2014, 1406. Volume CCXXXVI Subscription

Click to view: Morphosis | Steven Holl | Bjarke Ingels Group | Pneumatic Structures | Iwan Baan | AR Archive 

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